DIY Dessert Walk for Sweetest Day {Lake County}

Want me to blow your mind? Sweetest Day (according to Wikipedia) is only celebrated in certain states, with the first Sweetest Day being celebrated in Cleveland. Supposedly it was to drive candy sales and some people get a little bitter when you mention Sweetest Day but honestly, I don’t know why. I mean, if there was a holiday dedicated to buying your loved one’s dessert, why on Earth would you ever question it?

So in honor of Sweetest Day, I have a lovely idea: a dessert walk. Heading from place to place all over Lake County in search of sweets with your sweet! You can bring the kids, grandma, your dog Kevin if you want; the main point is this: celebrate your loved ones with plenty of sugar.

I think that sounds like the solution to world peace.

diy dessert walk lake county

DIY Dessert Walk

Dessert Walk 2017 Places You Must Not Miss

To be clear, the following businesses won’t know anything about a “dessert walk” but you can tell them Kari sent you. 

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Something Sweet
891 Main St., Antioch | (847) 838-9350

Starting in the far north part of the county, get yourself some fudge at Something Sweet. We mentioned them before in our Homemade Fudge in Lake and McHenry County article this past spring and they made the list for good reason.

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Lovin’ Oven Cakery
2207 N. Rt. 83, Round Lake Beach | 847-231-4700
355 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | 224-207-4500

Now that you cleansed your palate with fudge, get ready for the hard-core stuff. We’re talking every possible dessert imaginable. Stop at the shop in Round Lake Beach or if you need a breather from all that fudge, head to Libertyville. We are huge fans of Lovin’ Oven and have mentioned them in so many articles over the years, but they made our list of Best Cupcakes in Lake County just last year. Personally, I would get a donut here because there are many more stops ahead of us. Moving on……

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Construction themed sweets table
Lovin’ Oven Sweets table at 2014 Mingle at the Mansion

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
541 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (847) 367-6703

There are so many reasons to make this little shop one of your stops on Dessert Walk 2017, but for the caramel apples alone you need to check in. Also, it is just down the street from Lovin’ Oven and My Flavor-It Place (next on your list) so really it makes sense to go.

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My Flavor-It Place
10 E. Main St., Lake Zurich | (847) 540-O-ICE
321 N. Main St., Wauconda | (847) 526-O-ICE
703 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (224) 424-O-ICE

The Libertyville location is now open, so head on over here for some amazing ice cream creations. They have THE coolest flavors for fall too, my pick would be the Apple Pie ala Mode with red apple, vanilla, and a cream topping. My Flavor-It Place also made our list of Extraordinary Ice Cream in Lake County.

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216 S. Main St., Wauconda | 847-487-2253

Head west to Wauconda and get a cinnamon roll at Whisk bakery. They may have made our Best Cupcakes in Lake County list but it’s their massive yummy cinnamon rolls that keep us coming back for more.

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Couture Cupcake and Gelato Bar 
20771 N. Rand Rd., Kildeer, IL 60047 | (847) 438-9300

NOW we’re talking cupcakes. Head farther south to Kildeer (just outside of Deer Park Mall) to get the real deal. Don’t have a cupcake lover with you? Try their gelato instead! Or both because it’s Sweetest Day. Jennifer wrote all about her experience at Couture here to help you plan your trip!

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Bent Fork Bakery
335 Waukegan Ave., Highwood | (847) 926-4438

This little bakery in Highwood is worth the trip for many baked goodies but since you just had gelato and cupcakes, let’s take it easy and get a yummy cookie instead. I DIDN’T SAY THIS “WALK” WAS GOING TO BE EASY. Bent Fork made our list of Best Chocolate Chip Cookies too!

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Happy Sweetest Day!

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