Don’t Miss Big Trucks {Grayslake}

Do you have a kid who loves trucks?

This weekend one of the best touch-a-trucks is happening in Grayslake. Don’t be worried if you haven’t heard about it. We stumbled upon it accidentally last year. I believe it’s run by the Oasis Teen Center and the high school, there’s no advertising or anything online. We found out about it because we saw a sign last year. We walked downtown, stopped at the Farmer’s market, asked around, no one knew anything about it. We finally found it at the municipal parking lot.

Don’t let the lack of advertising sway you to skip it this event! The lack of advertising just means less people waiting in line to climb the trucks!

Last year we spent well over an hour walking around the parking lot and I had to drag my kids home for lunch. There are rescue vehicles, including the largest fire trucks, construction trucks, military vehicles, even a monster truck. There were over a dozen different kinds of vehicles available to climb on and around. Almost all the cars and trucks are manned and open so kids can climb inside and learn about them. One of the highlights was running around inside a big empty delivery truck.

There are also a few community groups/business there that were passing out balloons and information, and of course the fireman were giving out hats and stickers. My kids were 3 and 5 last year and both of them thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Big Trucks
Downtown Grayslake Municipal Parking Lot
Seymour & Center St.

9 am – Noon
Saturday April 30

Have you been before? If you have more information on it that I’m missing, please leave it in the comments.

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