Easy Wall-Worthy Art by Kids


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Summer is a great time to try something new!

My kids all love doing art projects. Any kind of medium they love to create and, of course, hang every single masterpiece up. Below are three of our favorite projects that are easy for even the tiniest of hands and produce artwork that you’ll want to hang on your walls!

Wall-Worthy Art by Kids

wall-worthy kids art

Eric Carle Inspired Pictures

This is a two-part project that is easy for toddlers and older kids and a great way to teach colors and shapes. I cannot find the tutorial we used, but it’s similar to this one. I made a plate of each color, squirting the shades and some white on top of each other. The kids would swirl (but not mix) the colors and then paint plain white paper in large strokes so you would get brushstrokes and the mixing of colors.  The kids had lots of fun, and even the youngest kids can paint big broad strokes. I would keep it simple by only having one color out at a time so they wouldn’t mix them all us leaving us with only grey and black canvases.

easy art for kids
easy art for kids

After the paint dries, you cut them into shapes. You can cut them into basic shapes for little ones and let them make patterns and pictures from them. For older kids, have them draw a picture (great for drying time) and then have them cut the shapes needed to make the pictures.

Canvas Art

The quickest and easiest and declared by my kids as the most fun! is canvas painting. I picked up a four-pack of canvases at Target:

{ these are the boards, we got stretched canvas }

I love Kid Made Modern. It comes with everything you need for a project, and they are cool trendy projects, not your typical kid art kit. For this project, I just set them loose with paint and the canvases and let them do whatever they wanted.

easy art for kids

My six year old added jewels to the painting while it was wet to embellish it. Now we have wall ready art!

Easy Peasy Collages

Since my oldest was 18 months, this has been one of our favorite and go-to art projects. We customize it with colors and shapes to the season and use it for cards and gifts.  It’s perfect for small toddler hands that are just learning to hold glue and scissors but want to craft like the big kids.

I keep a box of scrapbooking scraps as well as cutouts and magazine pictures. I give them different sizes of cardstock, and they glue however they want.

wall-worthy kid art

They can do patterns, pictures whatever their imagination guides them. For Valentine’s Day we made pictures using only hearts, at Christmas we use only green and red. There are lots of ways to customize it!

Three easy projects that will give you wall-worthy art! Have you done any painting projects with your kids lately?

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Easy Wall-Worthy Art by Kids
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