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We all have that irritating person on our Christmas lists that we love a whole lot {or not. we can be honest here if we just forego the sharing of names} but never have any idea what to gift them with during the holiday season because what do you get someone who gets geeked out about things like grass-fed beef bones and chickens roaming in her backyard?

I mean, really.

So here’s where this gets good: I am that person.

Well, probably I’m not actually the person on your list, but I’m perhaps enough like that person to help ya out.

I’ve compiled a list of eco-friendly, health conscious, local gifts you can get that hard-to-buy-for friend and/or family member on your list.

Unlike our previous gift guides, this one isn’t clickable (sorry) but we’ll start at the top left and go clockwise telling you all about them!

{Lavender Soap} Soap of the Earth

Every year, I receive the most delightful smelling gifts of hand lotions, soaps, and body washes. Thing is though, I don’t ever use them because I’m kinda sorta terrified of the ingredients. That’s where Soap of the Earth comes into my good-smelling picture. Boasting hand-made soaps like Goats Milk Lavender and Pumpkin Shea as well as all-natural hydrating body sprays, lip balms, and deodorants, this is my one-stop bath and body shop at the Saturday Grayslake Farmers Market. Your natural friends will love these long-lasting, high-quality products.

Bonus: Ever have a hard time getting the small people in your life clean without a fight? I took my youngest to pick out his own soap from Green Guide partner Soap of the Earth at the Grayslake Winter Market. Not only does my four year old now soap up fuss-free with his “black soap” (the Patchouli Myrrh is excellent for sensitive skin), but I also bought presents! Local, handmade presents bought? Check! Presents are eco-friendly and health conscious? Check! Happy, hippy smelling four year old? Check! Win. Win. Win.

{Organic Vegan Products – Mother Earth Woman} Art and Nature Eco Salon and Alwin Anthony Salon feature some quality beauty care services while also providing them in an eco-friendly, health-conscious manner. From the type of shampoo and conditioner to product and even certain nail polishes, these two salons cater to the green-minded person. A gift certificate for the friend or family member who enjoys Eco-conscious hair care coupled with high-quality service and style would make a great stocking stuffer!

{Spa room} Purchasing a gift certificate for your friend or family member to attend yoga classes or a spa treatment at the Therapy Tree Wellness Center.

{Coffee Cup} Purchasing some delightful organic coffee from Julie’s Coffee in Lake Villa. Bonus, you can also pick up art made by local artists!

{Radical Root Farm} Contact Radical Root Farm with a call or shooting over an email and asking if you can buy a 2014 Community Supported Agriculture share for your friend.

(Red Water Bottle} Green Guide partner JBS Wellness also has a great gift for that person on your list who loves the natural life — the Life Factory glass bottle comes encased with a silicone sleeve. This glass water bottle is both free of potential toxins and sturdy enough daily use. I’ve had my water bottle for months and it has suffered numerous falls without shattering — even with two little boys toting it around.

Last but not least {and not pictured!} send some Ohm by purchasing a gift certificate from The Healing Groves for a massage or myofascial release session.

Lake County in brimming with local, natural, health-conscious options. Take advantage while you’re looking to shop for holiday gifts for those who prefer such and even those who might an enjoy the introduction!

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