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In a world where we can get stuck in one way of thinking about health, two revolutionary new businesses have teamed up to create a new way of thinking about wellness solutions: Elite Wellness and Bystol Performance Center, located in Highland Park. While traditional medicine may be the best option for some, these two businesses offer additional and alternative solutions to health and well-being. And it is the ONLY comprehensive wellness center of this magnitude in the country, right here in Lake County. Conveniently located off of Highway 41, Elite Wellness’ premier facility offers state-of-the-art technologies and an extensive list of services and treatments.

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With an in-house health coach, holistic practitioner, board-certified chiropractor, soft tissue and rehabilitation specialist, and strength trainer, Elite Wellness provides unparalleled, individualized care. Clients meet with a health coach to develop a plan of action based on their health concerns and needs. Treatment plans consist of modalities such as chiropractic care, nutrition and meal planning, traditional Eastern medicine (acupuncture and cupping), cryotherapy, massage therapy, essential oils, vitamins, and consultation and work with their partner, Bystol Performance Center (located next door). I was able to experience a few of these services myself and learn more about the health benefits of each.

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Cryotherapy is a new technology that uses extreme cold temperatures to promote healing and increased energy and muscle recovery. Within 2-3 minutes in the cryotherapy chamber, clients experience temperatures of -240 degrees Fahrenheit. Gloves and booties protect your hands and feet during treatment. Professional athletes use cryotherapy to improve performance and recovery time, and patients with rheumatoid disorders are using it to decrease pain and inflammation.

Elite Wellness Highland Park
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Cryofacial toning is a localized cryotherapy applied to the face to promote healing. It decreases redness and puffiness and produces a natural, anti-aging result. During the process, which takes about 20-30 minutes, a practitioner applies cold temperatures through a small tube gently applied to your face using small “brush strokes.” For the best results, it is recommended to come for regular treatments.

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Cupping–the same treatment that made big news during the Olympics with the purple circles on the backs and shoulders of world-class athletes–is a traditional Chinese practice that promotes muscle recovery, healing, digestion, and revitalization. It is applied by Masters level or higher practitioners of Chinese and Eastern Medicine, and it stimulates the body’s natural healing systems. I received fire cupping (using heated glass) on my visit to Elite Wellness. The heated cups are applied to your skin and moved around. You see the marks from blood being brought to the surface using a suction process. It is surprisingly not painful, but I definitely felt the process.

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Acupuncture was a bit intimidating for me, as needles make me really nervous. But it was not painful. Extremely small needles were strategically applied to areas of my skin based on what I told the Ally, the Chinese Medicine practitioner. Acupuncture promotes natural healing by breaking down blockages in the body. Acupuncture is a safe and painless way to treat a wide variety of medical problems. Some of the top concerns treated at Elite Wellness with acupuncture are anxiety, pain, and sleep or stress issues.

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According to Randi Moxi, Brand Manager for Elite Wellness, the vision and purpose of the Elite Wellness model is not only a great comprehensive business but its also personal. These natural therapies have helped her regain her health after prolonged illnesses where traditional medicine was not helping. She is passionate about making these once elite therapies available to everyone. Some services may even be covered under your insurance plan. But, if you add up your co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs, Randi believes that the cost of these services most often will be the same or less than traditional medical care.

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I also completed a fitness assessment with Mike Bystol of Bystol Performance Center. This center is state of the art and offers some of the best personal trainers in the area serving some of the area’s high-profile athletes. Bystol Performance Center offers personal training, fitness classes and sports performance coaching to individuals ages 7 to 90.

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When assessing fitness and to increase performance, Bystol Performance Center takes an individualized, total approach. Using real figures and calipers to assess body fat percentage, body structure and style, your goals, and various physical “tests” to see where your individual body is weak or strong, they make recommendations to not only your exercise regimen, but to your diet, including vitamins and specific areas to focus on. As I toured the 14,000 square foot facility, I noticed that the clientele was motivated, connected and having fun.

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Many treatments and training options at Elite Wellness and Bystol Performance Center are open to all ages. This is a great one-stop, health and fitness shop for active families. With individualized training for sports performance, wellness, weight loss, strength training and an all-natural approach to chronic disease, fatigue, stress relief–all common difficulties in families and parenting–the services at Elite Wellness and Bystol Performance Center are a great addition to any family’s plan for excellent health.


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Disclosure: The author received a tour of Elite Wellness and Bystol Performance Center and a sampling of therapies in order to facilitate this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are the author’s own. Interested in having your business featured? Contact us today.


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