Theatre Games at Kohl Children’s Museum

September 12, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Kohl Children's Museum
2100 Patriot Boulevard
IL 60026
Free with regular admission
Kohl Children's Museum
(847) 832-6600

Theatre Games

It’s time to let your inner actor out with Theatre Games. Through a variety of creative dramatic exercises, we will explore gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, listening and speaking skills, following directions, and building confidence. Theatre games takes place Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.

  • September 5, September 12: Do Re You!
    In theatre, we can’t just warm up our bodies, we also have to warm up our voices! Breathe in, breathe out. Hiss like a snake for as loooooooong as you can. Stretch your voice up high and way down low as we explore all the sounds we can make with our mouths.
  • September 19, September 26: Telephone
    How well can we listen? Can we pass a phrase around the circle? What about an action? See how what we say and do can change as it goes from person to person in this fun theatre game.
  • October 3, October 10: Monster Mash
    Let’s be a mad scientist and build a monster. Be the big sharp teeth. Be the scary bat wings. Be the squirmy, slimy tentacles. Then work together with the other monster parts so we can scare the grownups. RAAAAAR!
  • October 17, October 24, October 31: Masquerade
    Sometimes actors use masks. They can make us silly; they can make us scary; they can make us into whatever we want to be. Try on some masks (and take a new mask home) as we explore who can be when we join the masquerade.
  • November 7, November 14: Copy Kitty
    Can you do what I do? (Can you do what I do?) When I raise my arm (you raise your arm). When I run in place (you run in place). When I talk (you repeat.) Try and mirror each other’s actions as closely as we can and see who is the best copy kitty.
  • November 21: Silly Face Brigade
    Your face will freeze that way. Unless you practice. See how far your face will stretch with sad faces, happy faces, duck faces, baby faces, and MONSTER faces.
  • December 5, December 12: Everybody Dance
    Are you ready to groove? Show off your best and silliest dances as we take turns imitating each other’s most killer moves.
  • December 19, December 26: FREEZE!
    It’s cold outside, so cold you might just FREEZE! At any moment. Maybe while dancing you FREEZE! Or playing basketball you FREEZE! Or eating ice cream. FREEZE! Come play a frigidly fun game of FREEZE!
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