Family Game Night Favorites: Blue Orange Games

Family Game Night Favorites from Blue Orange Games

Our family loves games. My husband and I play games, my kids play games, we love them. Family game nights are a frequent occurrence and a great way for us to have some family time without being plugged in. Game Nights are more then just fun bonding time though they can be great learning experiences in winning and loosing, math, shapes, all sorts of things! Bonus, the kids are having so much fun they don’t realize they are getting in extra study time!

Blue Orange games (makers of some of our favorite games!) sent us some games to try out for our family game nights. While we love games and have lots, we are currently struggling with finding games that will keep our 8 year old engaged while not being too hard for our 6 year old. If our 2 year old can play along too it’s an added bonus.

Since they were old enough to play (so maybe 3 or 4?) my kids have loved playing I Spy. They play in the car, they get books, they make up very specific games I Spy games of their own, like;  I Spy Letters, I Spy colors. They love it and even my youngest (2.5) is getting good at finding things!

Spot It! Party

Spot It Party! Turns out to be the absolutely perfect game for an eye spy loving family.

Spot it! Is truly an amazing game where there is a stack of cards and there is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards. The original is recommended for ages 7 and up and the party version says 10 and up but y 6 and 8 year old have rocked it and the almost 3 year old even understands and tries to play. The new party version comes with a hand mascot and 6 new mini-games to offer lots of fast paced party fun.

My two older kids played this the entire afternoon we first opened it. They invited neighbors over and played in larger groups, they asked to stay up late and play some more. In a word they loved it. My husband and I had a great time too because it’s not as easy as you would think! We didn’t even have to try to loose to the kids, they easily beat us almost every-time we played!

blue orange games

The other game we received to try out was 20 express, a fun math based game for any number of players, recommended for ages 8 to adult.

20 Express by Bliue Orange Games In 20 express  each player has a train (card) with 20 cars to fill with numbers. The goal is to create the longest ascending series possible with the randomly drawn number tiles.

Since we only have one 8 year old we took this one to the neighborhood and had a group of 8-10 year olds play while the 6 year old acted as a numerical Vana White drawing numbers.

While some of the kids really liked the game (my son!) this one proved a little harder to explain to the younger kids and took a bit of figuring out for them. It wasn’t fun right out of the box like Spot It!  I think it would go over a lot better with a group of slightly older kids, it would also be really fun to bring into a classroom to make math time more fun!

blue orange games

This last game was not sent to me by Blue Orange games, it’s actually one we own that my kids received as a gift last Christmas. I wanted to include it because it’s another great family game!

Chickyboom by Blue Orange Games

Chickyboom is a farm themed balancing game for ages 4 and up. The game is played by trying to remove the chickens, wagon wheels, and hay bales from the perch without knocking over the perch. Each item has a different weight and point value. My kids also like to take turns trying to set it up and balance it, each time they play it looks different!

The games is also made out of wood, so it’s durable and makes a great sound when it crashes. We love that it’s not yet another pile of plastic pieces that can get broken when stepped on!

Blue Orange games was founded in 2000 with the simple idea to bring back classic games for families and in our house they have done just that! Blue Orange is also an eco-friendly company. Since 2006 they have planted two trees for every tree used in manufacturing their games. All games range in price from $8-30 and are made from durable, eco-friendly materials.

Like us Blue Orange also loves local independent toy stores and make it their goal to head out on a road trip yearly to meet with them face to face. You can find Blue Orange games at Brainstorm {Lindenhurst}, Snickelfritz Toys {Vernon Hills}, and Learning Express {Lake Zurich} as well as online and at some other major retailers.

Do you have a family game night? What are you’re favorite games?


Disclosure: Blue Orange games sent me 20 Express and Spot It! Party to facilitate in my review for this post. No other compensation was received and all thought and opinions are my own.
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