Family Halloween Costumes


Anyone out there still scrambling to put together Halloween costumes, or is it just me? During the years before I had kids, I didn’t dress up for Halloween. Now that I’m schlepping them door to door (only to hoard all of the candy for myself) and volunteering for classroom parties, I have to get it together. I’ve found that the easiest way to pull this off is with family costumes. I only need one idea, it makes a big impact, and it’s a great shared experience.

family halloween costume ideas

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

The thing with any costume is you can go over the top– handmade with intricate details or spend a ton of money ordering the perfect one online. Or, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes pictured below, you can pull it off with a real costume for the kids, and t-shirts with props for the adults.

family halloween costume ideas
image property of Lindsay Dowdal
family halloween costume ideas
image property of H. Garvey

Whatever type of costumes you like to put together, family costumes will work. They can be funny, like a gorilla and baby-banana (practical too! You know they’ll both stay nice and warm) or appease your kid’s latest character obsession.

family halloween costume ideas
image property of Lindsay Dowdal
family halloween costumes

There are some family costumes that are classics: The Incredibles; Farmer, Farmer’s Wife & Farm Animals; favorite characters from the cast of any T.V. show or movie; Coach, Ref and Players.

image property of Amber Babin

But you can get creative, punny, and think outside the box, too. As long as the kids have a stand-alone costume that they can wear trick-or-treating or to their classroom parties, don’t stress about mom, dad, or baby having just a “supporting role” costume. When everyone is together, it will all make sense.

image property of Lindsay Dowdal
image property of Jennifer Burris

Don’t be afraid to look silly. You’ll look back at your pictures, and it will warm your heart even if your costume wasn’t Pinterest-worthy. Your kids will remember, and they won’t care that your felt costume fell apart by the time you left the driveway. Before you know it, they’ll want nothing to do with family costumes and be trick-or-treating on their own. Take advantage of this opportunity to dress up together. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to break into my trick-or-treating candy and cry about how big my kids are getting.

Happy Halloween! Does your family dress up together, or does everyone do his or her own thing? 

By: Holly G.

Holly keeps busy with freelance writing, as well as many volunteer ventures including PTO, dog rescue, and Lakes Region Historical Society. She is quick to pitch in for a good cause. She is an aspiring vegan, Jazzercise addict, runner, coffee junkie, and enjoys cooking.

Family Halloween Costumes
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