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family movie night

One of our favorite family rituals is family movie night. Every Saturday we have pizza for dinner and the kids get to eat in the basement while we watch a movie together as a family. Now that the 2 year old is aware and actively participating finding something that will entertain and appeal to all the kids (age 2 through 8) and not bore the parents is a bit of a feat.

One series that never fails to entertain everyone is VeggieTales. The newest VeggieTales DVD that our family has fallen in love with is “The Little House That Stood”. Admittedly this is not my oldest favorite, he loves the League of Incredible Vegetables, however he still enjoyed the slapstick humor of the veggies.

In this DVD the VeggieTales crew takes well known nursery rhymes and twists them with the parable of the wise and foolish builder.


When the Three Little Pigs roll into Cabbageville looking to build some new houses, they meet one builder with a plan and two without a clue!  Larry builds with hay, Mr. Lunt with bricks, but only Bob builds his houses on a firm foundation – following the wise plans from the “Master Builder’s Handbook!”  Will the Little Piggies make the right choices when it comes to building their houses – and their lives – on solid ground?  Find out in this parable that shows kids when they follow God’s blueprints, they can stand strong when the storms come!

PLUS!  Ever wonder what happened before Humpty cracked?  Find out in this very Veggie retelling of the classic Humpty Dumpty story “The Good Egg of Gooseville” where we learn that a good neighbor always “lends a little hand” to those in need!

You can watch the trailer here:

My two year old loves slapstick humor so VeggieTales are perfect for her! I love that the stories in this one are familiar to the kids but also different enough to keep them interested and paying attention. If you follow my Family Movie Night board on Pinterest you can get printable character and house craft that your kids can do to go along with the movie. My middle daughter is very into paper dolls right now and she loved making this to play with while we watched!

We will be adding this to our favorite list!

Do you have a family movie night? What are some of your families favorites?


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