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Every Saturday night we have a family tradition of watching a movie while eating pizza together. Now that our youngest is almost 2 we’re finding that she actually pays attention to what we’re watching and can get scared. This has complicated finding movies that appeal to the whole family (Parents, 7 year old boy, 5 year old girl plus toddler)

VeggieTales has always been our go to movie night favorite for mass appeal to kids and parents. They’re latest feature may be the best yet. The kids were so excited when the package arrived they needed to watch it immediately!


As with all the VeggieTales it’s part great story and part spoof on something mainstream. The League of Incredible Vegetables is a team of superhero vegetables that join Larry Boy when the job is to big to handle alone. In this movie Dr. Flury has stolen a Feardar and is freezing the whole town of Bumblyburg by turning their fears against them. The league comes together to not only save the town but to teach one little vegetable (Jr. Asparagus ) that it’s not a super suit that makes you brave.

My son love the mad scientist and evil penguins, he thought they were so funny and my daughter loved that Petunia Rhubarb was one of the super heroes (Vogue). I appreciated that it was obvious who the “bad” guy was with out being too scary for the girls. Even my 20 month old enjoyed it, especially the break for Silly Songs with Larry Boy. It also has a very catchy song sung by the Newsboys, warning like many VeggieTales songs this will be stuck in your head:

As always VeggieTales hits a home-run with this family for a great film that appeals to all! Be sure to check out the VeggieTales site to for fun printables and games, like these awesome super veggie costumes that we got with our video:


Do you want a copy of your own? Just enter the (easier then it looks) rafflecopter below!

The DVD is available at Christian bookstores now and at major retail outlets Tuesday. You can also follow VeggieTales on Facebook for the latest news! You can also meet all the characters in the league at the home of the League of the Incredible Vegtables.

Whose your favorite super veggie?

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  1. Veggie Tales and superheroes?! Yes, please 😀 As a female I am partial to Petunia, but Mr. Lunt is one funny dude (Cheeseburger song, anyone?)

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