MADE in Lake County: Family Yoga at Orinoco Fitness

Libertyville, IL

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Welcome to MADE in Lake County! MADE introduces you to the people and stories behind local Lake County businesses. This month we’ve gotten to know  Ana Santos Gitzinger owner of Orinoco Fitness, Libertyville. Today we are going to go inside a family yoga class at Orinoco.

Editor’s note, in 2019 Orinoco Fitness moved to a new location. We have updated the location, however, the images are from the old location.

I have always enjoyed a sporadic yoga practice. It’s something I can do no matter my size, age, or shape and always walk away feeling stronger and more centered. I’ve enjoyed doing some yoga at home with my children but have never done a class with them so I was very excited to try the new Yoga with Your Child {Family Yoga} at Orinoco Fitness.

family yoga at orinoco fitness libertyville
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Family Yoga at Orinoco Fitness uses kid-friendly themes to engage your child into learning the yoga poses, creating a fun and relaxed class for the whole family. The class is recommended for ages 3 to 7 years old and their parent. I went to the class with my almost 3-year-old and 6-year-old and I would say the class is best for ages 4 to 10. If your 3-year-old is in a preschool program or has taken classes before they would probably do better than mine. My not quite three year old had a hard time paying attention for the whole 45 minute class.

Adults are limited to two children per adult, for good reason! It was hard just keeping up with two kids who wanted to do the poses with me. If we go again I think I will only be going with one, or taking just my older two.

Child Yoga at Orinoco Fitness

Orinoco fitness has a beautiful and relaxing studio with lots of room to accommodate the size of the class. The only distraction was that the restrooms and water fountains are right on the main studio floor which meant every time someone got up or used them my littlest one wanted to as well. Note that the parking lot fills up fast too so arrive early to get a spot near the studio.

The instructor for our class was Beth and she was great! She did a wonderful job encouraging the kids and walking all the adults through the poses including modifying them for the pregnant mom in the group. She also kept her composure as her own child jumped on her back during a move and was able to calmly refocus several (including my own child) as they started getting crazy towards the end. The only complaint I had with the class was that the blocks, which were only used for one move, ended up being a really big distraction for both my girls. My girls’ favorite part of the class came at the end, Yoga Freeze Dance!

Overall we loved the class and the studio, plus the price is affordable for a family class. However for our family the time doesn’t really work as 5:30 is in the middle of dinner and gets us home too late for the little ones. I may try to go again with my older kids who can handle disruptions in their schedule better.

Parent Child Yoga at Orinoco Fitness

Try them today, your first class is always free!

orinoco fitness libertyville

Orinoco Fitness
900 Technology Way, Suite 260. Libertyville, IL 60048 
(224) 430-1436
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MADE in Lake County: Family Yoga at Orinoco Fitness
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