Fan Favorites: Best Asian Restaurants in Lake County

I love most Asian food and if I don’t love it, it’s probably because I haven’t tried it yet. We are so spoiled here in Lake County because we have so many choices when it comes to all types of Asian cuisine. We asked our readers, family, and friends for their opinions of the best Asian restaurants in Lake County and here they all are, even categorized by region!

Favorite Asian Restaurants in Lake County 

Asian Fusion Restaurants

Photo source pl8 on Facebook


Bangkok Tokyo
227 N. Waukegan Rd., Lake Bluff | (847) 295-7811
They call themselves Asian Fusion but Bangkok Tokyo is best known for their sushi and Thai flavors.

Definitely try the appetizers, especially the crab Rangoon.

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736 W. Northwest Hwy., Barrington | (847) 382-1988
Artistry on a plate is what one reader said but pl8 is more than just a pretty face. Offering sushi, a kids’ menu and even gluten-free offerings, this is a must-try restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Definitely try the sushi.

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121 W. Main St., Barrington | (224) 655-2853
625 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (224) 433-6675
(also in Arlington Heights, St. Charles and Park Ridge)
If you want a cool night out or a fun lunch, this restaurant is the place to be. Think hip downtown restaurant in the suburbs.
Note: if you want a cool vibe, that means the music will be louder than what you might be used to. So if you have kids (or adults) who are sensitive to that, maybe try another place on the list.

Definitely try the sushi and the scallops.


Photo source Plum Garden Restaurant on Facebook.


Chinese Restaurants

Hong Kong Chop Suey
316 N. Lake St., Mundelein | (847) 949-9019
This great little Chinese restaurant was in a strip mall next to the old Walgreen’s in Mundelein before moving to its latest location on Lake Street. The food is amazing and the reviews are almost all raves, which is why we tried this place a few years ago. You get free egg rolls with every $15 order, which should be motivation enough.

Definitely try General Tso’s Chicken. Best I have ever had. 

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Ming Toy 
3139 N. Lewis Ave, Waukegan | (847) 623-7990
This restaurant doesn’t have a website, and the space is small, but this place is always packed and for good reason. The food here is delicious but be forewarned that it’s a cash-only establishment, so come prepared.

Definitely try the General Tso’s Chicken — it is one of the best anywhere in Lake County. You be the judge. 

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Panda Chinese Restaurant
845 E. Belvidere Rd., Grayslake | (847) 223-9988
THIS IS NOT PANDA EXPRESS. We needed to clarify that because then you would be missing out on an authentic Chinese dining experience thinking this was fast food. It isn’t and it comes highly recommended. This is better as a takeout place than an eat-in place as it is small but there’s limited seating if you’d like to eat there.

Definitely try the chicken with broccoli and the crab Rangoon.

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Red Sun
1860 E. Grand Ave., Lindenhurst | (847) 356-8700
Located in a little strip mall next to my favorite pizza place, Red Sun is a hidden gem that was recommended by several of our friends, so it HAS to be good!

Definitely try the Kung Pao Shrimp.

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Royal Cantonese
799 E. US Highway 45, Mundelein | (847) 680-8888
As the website says, “known for the best egg rolls, martinis, and mai tais.” Can you say, I am there, in Chinese?

Definitely try the egg rolls, martinis and mai tais (don’t argue with the public).

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111 US Route 45, Grayslake | (847) 548-8882
Tang’s has been our personal favorite Chinese restaurant for many years after our beloved Silk Mandarin in Vernon Hills then Round Lake Beach closed.  If you loved them as well, you will love Tang’s too.

Definitely try the egg rolls, egg foo young, and combination fried rice.

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Yen Yen Chinese Restaurant
360 W. Half Day Rd., Buffalo Grove |  (847) 883-8888
A favorite of my in-law’s for as long as I can remember, they also have a large seating area as well.

Definitely try the Mongolian beef, almond cookies, and wonton. 

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Yu’s Mandarin
4 E. Phillip Rd., Vernon Hills | (847) 816-1888
If you want a dining experience (can you say chef shows?), then this place is a good bet.

Definitely try the stir fried green beans and jasmine tea.

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Restaurants Worth the trip

Plum Garden
3917 W. Main St., McHenry | (815) 385-1530
Voted best Chinese restaurant AND best egg rolls for the past four consecutive years by the Northwest Herald, this restaurant is a must-try for sure. It was also recommended by several readers and friends, so this is on my list to visit the next time I am out that way.

Definitely try the egg rolls and Hong Kong chicken.

Photo source Blufish on Facebook


Japanese/Sushi/Hibachi  Restaurants

700 N. Milwaukee Ave., Vernon Hills | (847) 549-3620
Perfect for a date night or girls’ night out, this place is known for its amazing sushi and equally amazing alcoholic beverages.

Definitely try the house salad served in an edible wonton bowl.

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Kawa Japanese Restaurant 
100 S. Atkinson Rd., Grayslake | (847) 548-3838
Located in a small strip mall (love strip mall restaurants!), this place gets a thumbs up from a lot of our readers.

Definitely try the Kani salad and sushi.

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Sagano Japanese Restaurant 
110 N. Hough St., Barrington | (847) 382-8980
Sagano is known to have some of the best sushi in the Chicago suburbs, but I will let you be the judge.

Definitely try any and all of the sushi.

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Tsukasa of Tokyo
561 N. Milwaukee Ave, Vernon Hills | (847) 816-8770
20505 N. Rand Rd., #214, Kildeer | (847) 550-2015
If you love a show and good hibachi, you will love Tsukasa. This restaurant is a local legend, starting out in a small place in a strip mall and now having two large locations. This is a great experience, kids will love it, and the food is phenomenal.

Definitely try the hibachi with golden shrimp. 


Photo source Tsukasa of Tokyo on Facebook

Korean Restaurants

Blue House Korean BBQ
1484 Townline Rd., Mundelein | (847) 566-4200
Located in a little strip mall on the border of Mundelein and Vernon Hills, this place is easy to miss. But make time to stop for the food, the service, and the atmosphere.

Definitely try the bulgogi and bibimbap.


Photo courtesy of Thai Noodles Cafe on Facebook

Thai Restaurants

Asian Bowl Grayslake Thai and Japanese
15 Commerce Dr., Grayslake | (847) 223-4889
Tucked into a little strip mall that isn’t very busy, this place would be hard to miss. But the readers spoke and said we needed to include this little place.

Definitely try the lunch buffet.

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Big Bowl Lincolnshire
215 Parkway Dr., Lincolnshire | (847) 808-8880
Marketed as a fusion of Chinese and Thai, Big Bowl is chain food Asian at its best.

Definitely try the Thai herb fresh calamari and the stir fry bar.

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Lovely Thai
1144 E. Washington St., Grayslake | (847) 231-6442
Located across from College of Lake County, Lovely Thai is known for authentic and fresh Thai food.

Definitely try the pot stickers.

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Royal Thai
5324 Grand Ave., Gurnee | (847) 244-2409
Located close to Six Flags Great America, this is a favorite for locals as well as out-of-towners who are craving Thai food.

Definitely try the pad Thai.

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Sushi Thai
1742 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (847) 816-4557
Known as a Japanese-Thai restaurant, Sushi Thai is known for great sushi (as the name implies) and they also offer outdoor seating which is often hard to find in local Asian restaurants.

Definitely try the drunken noodles.

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Worth the trip

Green Peapod
1225 N. Green St., McHenry | (815) 578-9999
This lovely and bright restaurant gives a great ambiance but the food is what our readers said is worth the trip to McHenry for!

Definitely try the Coconut Bubble Tea Latte and the Thai fried rice.

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Vietnamese Restaurants

Pho House
1183 S. Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville | (847) 984-2776
There aren’t too many choices for Vietnamese food in Lake County but Pho House comes highly recommended.

Definitely try the brisket pho.

That’s quite a list! Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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