Fan Favorites: Best Backpacks {2015}

back to schoolChoosing the right backpack for your child can be an exciting, back-to-school experience or a dreaded one (broken straps, zippers and torn undersides all loom in the distance). Some backpacks are meant to be stylish and get through one season while others are made to last year after year if, of course, you have a child who is ready to commit. Brands range in size, durability and function so we asked our readers to share their favorite backpacks so we could all check them out this school year. Here are the answers along with some Editor’s Picks:



For my daughter, easier on her bag, The Children’s [is] place. Great sales and coupons. -Jamie

My daughter has used the messenger-style bag from Justice, and [it held] up well and [is] stylish. The only downside is that [it] holds less than a traditional backpack. -Jennifer

Lands End. Super durable. The ones they got two years ago ended up with broken clips so I returned them and got new ones this year. They gave me what I paid for them toward the new ones. I have been getting them new ones every 2-3 years, but their old ones still have lots of life left in them and get used for sleepovers and such. -Amy

LL BEAN. My junior in high school is using the same one he got in 5th grade. And if anything breaks, they replace for free             -Krista

Pottery Barn Kids, as they have exterior pockets for water bottles. [I am] surprised so many other nice bags don’t have them.      -Kate

Did we miss your favorite?  Do you agree with our readers?  Tell us in the comments!

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