Farm Birthday Parties In or Around Lake County

Back in ye olden days, parents had parties at McDonald’s or something called HOME. But with each generation, we “evolve” (I still love a good old-fashioned birthday party at home). But if you love party planning or the thought of not having to clean up after the party (okay, I changed my mind), then we have some great ideas for hosting farm birthday parties for your little animal lovers.

farm birthday parties

Bonner Farm
201 Country Place, Lindenhurst | (847) 367-6640

If you’re looking to host a laid-back party, this might be the perfect idea. No party planning, no big fees, no per person minimum. Bring a fun lunch, tablecloth, balloons, and have the kids explore the free barn, land, and park adjacent to the farm.

Patch 22
15900 W. Kelly Rd, Wadsworth | (847) 336-0120

Open May through September, Patch 22 is one of the more affordable options. At $9 per person (plus extra with pony rental) for a two-hour party, this place will be a hit with your littles. Head to the website for restrictions, contact information and much more.

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Pferde Farm
41770 N. Hunt Club Rd., Old Mill Creek | (847) 840-5278

This friendly little farm just north of Gurnee hosts parties year-round in their barn heated by wood burning stoves. They offer a party package that includes pony rides, personalized cake, hot dogs, chips and drink plus a horse-related craft project and decorations for your child and friends.

Wagner Farm
1510 Wagner Rd., Glenview |  (847) 657-1506

This place has been a hit for both of our girls for field trips but they offer many different birthday party packages as well.

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Worth the trip

Green Meadows Farm
33603 High Dr., East Troy, WI | (262) 534-2891

This farm offers a discount for groups or you can rent the party barn which includes up to 30 admissions. That is a lot of kids, maybe just take your child and a friend up instead.

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Or have the party come to you! Miss Jamie’s Farm is known throughout Lake County and beyond for great entertainment, crafts and much more.

Check out my article Cowgirls and Cowboys: Where to Play in Lake County for more great ideas!

By the way, when my oldest was three, we had a “farm party” at her request. It was held at my mom and dad’s house and it was so much fun. That three-year-old is graduating this year.

Hold on tightly, mamas and daddies.

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Are there any farms your little ones love? Let us know your favorites in the comments section below! 


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little lake county birthday party guide

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