Fashion Tips for Fabulous Fall Photos


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Photographing your family is so much more than just snapping smiles. It involves capturing memories and preserving everything about the ages and stages of your family. When you have family photos taken, you want a beautiful portrait that you can hang on your wall and put on your Christmas cards. A lot of stress can accompany a photo session–and the biggest stressor usually involves what to wear. Truthfully, your family’s outfits play a huge role in your family photo session and can take the look of your photos from “cute” to “stunning.”

Fashion Tips for Fabulous Fall Photos

Coordinate your clothes vs. matching your clothes

The days of dressing everyone in white shirts and jeans have passed, and now it’s time to bend the rules even further. Start with one person wearing clothing with a pattern (like a plaid shirt) and then have everyone else pick colors from that piece of clothing. For instance, if your daughter is wearing a plum and navy plaid shirt, someone can wear a denim jacket, a blue shirt, and a plum blouse. Don’t be afraid of a few patterns that complement each other (but stay away from large logos and graphics).

fashion tip for fall photos
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Colors that click

When you are considering your color palette, think about what will stand out from the background. Jewel tones like navy, plum, coral, and mustard often look great. Stay away from lots of white since your eye will be drawn to it. Also, avoid shirts with bright pink, red, and orange since those colors can reflect on your face giving you a very “rosy” glow.


Texture is eye catching

Texture in clothing really makes your photo look interesting and dynamic. Think sweaters with fringe, cozy shawls and wraps, nubby sweaters, and dresses with lace. Anything that gives your photo a feeling of movement will draw the viewer into your special moment.

Shoes REALLY do matter

Don’t let shoes be an afterthought! Letting your son wear Crocs or your husband wear dirty tennis shoes will definitely throw off the put-together look you are going for. Also, leave plastic flip flops, bright white or neon tennis shoes, and anything that lights up at home. Instead, go for classic loafers or boots, and, when in doubt, go barefoot!

Accessorize to reflect your style

Accessories finish off your outfit and give your photos a unique touch. Consider adding suspenders for little boys, knee socks and boots for little girls, vests for men, and chunky jewelry, belts, and scarves for women. Use them to add subtle pops of color to tie everything together.

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Enlist a little help

If you’re unsure about what matches, ask your photographer. Most photographers love helping you coordinate your look, and may even have style guides to help you make decisions. Some local photographers can also recommend stylists to walk you through clothing selection. Also, browse Pinterest for some terrific ideas. A few favorite stores of local photographers for photoshoot style include:

  • H&M
    Gurnee Mills | 6170 Grand Ave, Gurnee | (855) 466-7467
    Hawthorn Mall | 109 Hawthorn Center, Vernon Hills | (855) 466-7467
    H&M is a treasure trove of affordable style and great basics.
  • Nordstrom
    6 Woodfield Shopping Center, Schaumburg | (847) 605-2121
    Nordstrom has exceptionally helpful sales associates.
  • Evereve
    20530 N.  Rand Rd, Deer Park | (847) 438-8310
    248 Market Square, Lake Forest | (224) 552-0160
    Evereve specializes in styling moms.
  • Finery and Finishes
    10315 Main St., Richmond | (815) 321-9239
    Finery and Finishes have incredibly helpful staff and adorable fashions at affordable prices.
© Jessica Lynn Studio

Your family pictures should be a reflection of your family’s personalities, interests, and passions. By spending a little time coordinating the perfect wardrobe, your portraits will be photos to treasure for years to come!

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By Jessica G.
Spring Grove

Jessica is a mom of 3 girls from Spring Grove, IL. Next to her relationship with the Lord, her other passions include cooking, playing the violin, photography, and helping other moms to realize their true potential.

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Fashion Tips for Fabulous Fall Photos

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