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Do you have a little paleontologist in your house? My son has been obsessed with Dinosaurs since he was 2? 3? Forever? Sometimes it feels like I have read every dinosaur book at the library, 100 times. Here are some of our favorites, as well as some of our contributors and readers’ favorite Dinosaur Books.

favorite dinosaur books

Favorite Dinosaur Books

favorite dinosaur books

By Tony Mitton

This is a very colorful book of rhythm and movement. It introduces each dinosaur and how it joins the rumpus. Either running, jumping, spinning, clanking. It’s a great cabin fever breaker because you can have the kids act out the movements as you read it!

How Do Dinosaurs...
By Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

These may rank as our all-time favorite Dinosaur books. They also may be our favorite parenting secret weapon. We have used them to help teach appropriate dinner behavior, helping clean up, preparing to start school, and learning colors. It’s a great series, and now that my son is older, he loves looking for the names of the dinosaurs hidden on each page. Their illustrations have lots of little details that make the books entertaining to curios kids even when they are not having them read aloud.

DK Non-Fiction Dinosaur Books

Our favorite Non-fiction books are anything by DK. From a very early age, my son loved these books. Each page is jam-packed with so many different images and facts. They are must-have for road trips as they can keep him entertained for hours on end. They also don’t have substantial paragraphs of texts but lots of little facts scattered about the page, which is great for parents who don’t want to be reading textbooks and for kids whose curiosity is bigger than their attention span.

Danny and the Dinosaur (An I Can Read Book, Level 1)
By Syd Hoff

Our favorite easy readers are the Danny the Dinosaur collection. These are classics that many of us probably read when we were kids. The books are filled with simple texts (the point of an easy reader) and fun storylines of the adventures Danny has with his Dinosaur. What I especially like about it is that there are no official Dinosaurs names. While my son can name all the dinosaurs by looking at them, when we sit down to practice reading, I don’t want to focus on trying to sound out and read Stegosaurus, or Brontosaurus.

By Lisa Wheeler

Dino-Soccer is just one of a series of books by Lisa Wheeler, where carnivorous dinosaurs take on their herbivore counterparts in a lively sports event. In Dino-Soccer, the “Grazers” take on the “Biters” in an action-packed soccer game where the play-by-play is given in rhyme. The illustrations are fun, bold, and accurate, which will please your junior paleontologist in residence.

Ten Little Dinosaurs Picture Book (Wiggle Eyes)
by Pattie Schnetzler (Author), Jim Harris  (Illustrator)

I’m sure you’ve seen this book or ones similar, they make so many! The Wiggle eyes will keep kids giggling as they read-along with this humorous rhyming book.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants
by Claire Freedman  (Author), Ben Cort (Illustrator)

Underpants are funny and this book will keep kids of all ages laughing. Seriously my nine-year old still laughs at them. This is a fun read-aloud book and would be great reading for a child starting to potty-train to encourage them to wear underwear.

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs: Missing Treasure!
by Giles Andreae  (Author), Russell Ayto (Illustrator)

The treasure of pirate Rufus Rumblebelly has disappeared form the museum! Luckily, captain Flinn eagerly takes the helm and heads to Bag o’ Bones Island. . .only to be met by a rogue gang of pirate dinosaurs with swords at the ready!

What are your favorite Dinosaur Books? Leave them in the comments!

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Little Library Bookshelf: DINO-myte Reads
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