Favorite Educational Apps

My kids would play on their tablets for hours if I let them! Not only do I try and limit how much screen time they have, I pay close attention to which apps they have on their devices. It’s best if we can sit with our kids and talk to them as they tap, swipe, and drag their way around, but that’s not always the case. I know there are many apps that will keep them engaged and safe online as they play.

best educatinal appsHere are some of my favorite educational apps for preschool-age kids and beyond!

Favorite Educational Apps

endless alphabet

Endless Alphabet
iTunesGoogle Play

Endless Alphabet blends letter sound development and vocabulary development with hysterical monsters and their antics. My kids love watching the monsters act out the words after they spell them. And if you love Endless Alphabet, check out Endless Reader, Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay and Endless Spanish.

monkey lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
iTunes | Google Play

This is the perfect preschool app! Kids match letters, sounds and colors, and develop fine motor skill basics like dragging, tapping, and swiping. Monkey Lunchbox offers positive reinforcements, and kids earn stickers the more they play. Be sure to check out Monkey Word and Monkey Math when your kids outgrow Monkey Lunchbox.

leos pad

Leo’s Pad

Leo’s Pad encourages  kids to develop essentials such as social-emotional skills and character development skills while engaging in interesting games. Games are embedded into stories that kids explore. The app adjusts and progresses with your child.

epic app icon

iTunes | Google Play

Want to get your kids some great options for e-reading? Download the Epic! app and get them started reading books at their level that interest them. Right away, kids fill out an interest survey to share how old they are and what topic they are interested in. The app tracks how much time your kids spend reading each book, and kids can unlock special features the more they read.



Want an app that lets your kids get a little more creative? Toontastic is the way to go. Kids can create their own cartoon! They choose the characters, background, setting, and record their voices as they manipulate the characters on the screen. Start simple by asking your children to retell their favorite story, and then encourage them to write and act out their own stories.


iTunes | Google Play

I’m in love with coding! One of the best things you can do for your child is to develop their math brain. Introducing simple coding is a great way to start. Furthermore, coding allows your child the opportunity to problem-solve. A simple app like Kodable makes it fun too. Even kids in kindergarten can start to develop their understanding of coding with Kodable. Kids move through levels and unlock different fuzzballs to play with as they progress.


iTunes | Google Play

Did your child make it through all the level of Kodable? Is your child ready for more advanced coding? Lightbot takes coding to the next level. Kids move through challenges, navigating the little robot through the tasks to light up tiles.

sushi monster

Sushi Monster

Kids who improve their math automaticity (ability to do math “automatically”) will be able to tackle math problems easier. Sushi Monster starts simple and progresses with kids the more they play. The object of the game is to solve the problem and feed the Sushi Monster. Super engaging!


Dragonbox Algebra 5+
iTunes | Google Play

Are your kids a little bit older? Dragonbox gives them the opportunity to start develop their algebra skills in a very organic way. Kids have to move elements around to even out the sides just like an algebra problem.

khan academy

Khan Academy
iTunes | Google Play

Do your kids want to learn something? Anything? Khan Academy probably has a lesson for it! Khan Academy has videos on a variety of topics from math and science to economics and history. My favorite are the Pixar in a Box lessons that give kids an insider’s view of Pixar while exploring how math and creativity can collide to bring us our favorite Pixar films.

Want even more suggestions? You can look at book apps that were finalists for the CYBILS (Childrens’ and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards) awards in 2015 and 2014. Or visit Common Sense Education to read reviews and see ratings for other educational apps.

What are you child’s favorite educational apps? Share your favorites with us in the comments section.


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