Beyond The Pumpkin: Five Delicious Pumpkin-free Desserts for Fall


I am probably not the person to be writing about this.

I adore pumpkin. I am one of those pumpkin-crazy people who have to stuff my face with as much pumpkin as possible. I start as soon as the labor day flags are put away and go strong all the way until the winter holiday decorations are tucked back into storage. Nothing is safe from pumpkin during this time: pancakes, breads, sweets, even risotto, and soup. I love it that much.

But…back to the point here. I have come to the realization that everyone does not like pumpkin as much as I do. Some might have even been known to…dislike it. Yes! You heard that right. I know, crazy, right? So, in honor and respect of all the non-pumpkin lovers out there, I have devised this list of tasty, delicious, completely pumpkin free desserts that say “fall” just as much as a loaf of delicious pumpkin bread.

pumpkin free desserts for fall

Pumpkin-Free Fall Desserts

 Warm Cinnamon Cake Recipe

from Girl and Her Kitchen 

This cake is delicious and smells delicious, too. Serving it warm with a scoop of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream on top makes it even more irresistible.  The cinnamon wafting through your house while it is baking will help you welcome fall in the best way! This cake is also perfect for the holidays or any time you want to impress your guests!

pumpkin free fall desserts
Photo Source: Girl and Her Kitchen, 2016

Caramel Apple Bundt Cake Recipe

from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

When a cake is described as “awe-inspiring” and “glorious,” you just know it has to be good. This one definitely does not disappoint. Perfectly spiced, moist, and filled with bits of juicy apple, this cake is a fall dream. The caramel sauce drizzled on the top? Yep, it will make your day.

pumpkin-free fall desserts
Photo Source: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, 2016

No Bake Bourbon Pecan Pie Cheesecakes

from How Sweet It Is

Who doesn’t love tiny desserts? They are just the right size, and if you have to have two, they are little so who cares, right? This dessert combines a creamy cheesecake and deliciously sweet pecan pie to make one of the most perfect fall desserts.

pumpkin-free fall desserts
Photo Source: How Sweet It Is, 2016

Apple Fritter Bread 

from Averie Cooks

Sometimes you need a fall dessert that can also be breakfast. Yep, that’s right. If it is bread, it is clearly fit for breakfast! Even if it is decadent and covered in icing. It is apples and it is bread. Definitely qualifies for breakfast, and perfect for a chilly fall day!

pumpkin free fall desserts
Photo Source: Averie Cooks, 2016

Buttery Caramel Corn with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

from Girl and Her Kitchen

Sometimes a fall dessert comes in the form of a delicious, sweet, crunchy snack. This is perfect for munching on between trick or treating with the kids or ringing in the holidays with your family cozied up by the fire. The perfect fall and winter treat, and completely pumpkin-free!

pumpkin-free fall desserts
Photo Source: Girl and Her Kitchen, 2016

Craving more pumpkin-free sweets for the holidays? Looking for an elegant dessert to feature on the Thanksgiving table? This apple pie is one of my favorites, elegant, but fuss-free. If you have a chocolate craving but need something lovely to serve, this chocolate cream pie is pretty much to die for. And, nothing says the chillier weather, and the holidays are here like a delicious sweet and gooey breakfast treat! Check out these cinnamon rolls to start your pumpkin-free sweets day out right!

And if you decide that you actually DO love pumpkin after all, let me know! I have even more delicious pumpkin desserts to share with you!

What is your favorite pumpkin-free dessert? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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By: Heather Williams

Heather is a busy mom of three who loves exploring Lake County with her kids. When she, her husband, and kids are not embarking on new adventures, you will most likely find her cooking and posting some great family-friendly recipes at Girl and Her Kitchen.


Beyond The Pumpkin: Five Delicious Pumpkin-free Desserts for Fall

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