Frozen Valentines Treats {Recipe}

Valentine's Day

We’re sharing some quick and easy treats that you can make today for your Valentine’s parties tomorrow! Kate shared how to make heart-shaped cake pops. For those who are not bakers or who want a healthy alternative to all the sugary treats, this is my go-to recipe. My kids love this, and it’s such a treat for the classes because it’s so different. It’s also pretty fast and easy to make so that you can look like a rockstar class mom with little mess in your kitchen.

frozen valentines treats

Frozen Valentine Treats Recipe


  • Yogurt, store-bought any flavor (reds and purples for valentines day)
  • Jelly roll or cookie sheet
  • Wax paper
  • Cookie Cutters (metal works best)
frozen valentines treats
© M. Haak | Little Lake | 2012


  1. Line the pan with wax paper (I liked having it folded in half)
  2. Choose your cookie cutter shape and size (these are large ones, for school, I had three smaller sized heart shapes)
  3. Scoop yogurt into the cookie cutter. You could get creative and put some fresh or frozen fruit on the top to decorate it; we didn’t have any on hand. It will look like this:
frozen valentine's treats
© M. Haak | Little Lake | 2012
  1. Place in freezer. The smaller ones usually froze solid in about 2 hours.
  2. When frozen solid, put in a ziplock bag and run hot water over the cookie cutter’s edges (this is why metal is better). While still in the bag, push on the flat side to pop the shape out. Serve immediately or store in a freezer bag. They melt pretty quick, so try to run the water over the edges, not the shape’s flat side.

The above shapes were each made with about one single serving size cup of yogurt. They are a healthier alternative to ice cream and candy, and my kids LOVED them. We served them with Teddy Grahams for the party, who I was told liked to skate on top of the hearts.

What are you putting together for Valentine’s?

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Frozen Valentines Treats {Recipe}
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