Fun on the Farm: Lambs Farm Playdate

LIttle Lake County Playdate at Lambs Farm
We came.

We saw.

We played!

Thank you to everyone who came out and played with us at our SOLD OUT playdate at Lambs Farm!

Despite the clouds threatening our fun we cam out and had a great time on the farm. Our playdate offered Little Lake County readers the chance to play on the farm before it opened to the public.

Lambs Farm Playdate


Don’t worry if you missed out, you can plan your own fun playdate at the farm! Grab some friends and meet for a morning of fun exploring the Farmyard.  The Farmyard is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is only $5 for everyone over the age of 2.

For your $5 admission you can get up close and personal with the cows, horses, and llamas. Your kids can visit with the sheep and goats and brush them in the petting area. In the discovery building they can see rabbits and baby chicks and learn what they eat.

Lambs Farm Playdate


For $1 you can buy a bag of hay to feed the animals throughout the farm. Just watch out for the cow he can steal your whole bag in one bite!

You can add on additional activities for $2-4, or purchase a day pass for $8 adults and $12 children. That includes the carousel, train and mini golf. Remember, every dollar you spend on the farm goes to the running of the farm and it’s mission to serve those adults with special needs. The farms give them jobs, residence and a sense of belonging in a society that marginalizes them.

Lambs Farm PlaydateOn our playdate we got the added bonus of a photo op with the horse, which was a huge delight and draw for all the kids. Don’t think that means there won’t be plenty of opportunities for photo ops on your visit! Nothing is more photogenic than toddlers and farm animals, so be sure to pack your camera!

Lambs Farm Playdate

We were lucky that the rain started after we the majority of us had made it through the farm. 45 minutes is an almost perfect amount of time for toddlers to explore the farm before the need a change of scenery. Lambs Farm Magnolia Cafe provides that perfect change of scenery for a tasty homemade snack.

Lambs Farm Playdate

The cafe is open weekdays at 11:00 a.m. and aside from a full menu of delicious entrees they also sell beautiful and tasty baked goods that are made right on the farm! The cafe is also home to special events like the holiday brunches for Easter, Christmas and Mother’s Day.

The cafe also has a banquet room that you can rent for events. The large well lit room was perfect for the most special part of our play date (sorry not available on regular visits) the craft!

Lambs Farm Playdate

All the kids got to paint a piggy bank to take home with them. While you can’t do it on your trip there’s plenty of treasures to be found at the Cedar Chest Thrift Shop, be sure to add their Community Tent Sale to your fall resale calendar!

Lambs Farm Playdate

Don’t be sad it’s over! If you missed it don’t worry! The Farmyard is open daily and would love to have you! Watch our site too for more playdate fun coming this month!

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Lambs Farm
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See more pictures from our Lambs Farm playdate on the Little Lake County Facebook page.



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