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It’s spring break time, hooray! Time to hit the beach and jump into the ocean. Finally. Oh wait, did you say you’re staying in Lake County for spring break? Well, lucky you! Based on my almost 40 years of life in Lake County, I know the last week of March has some of the most, shall I say, dynamic weather that we experience each year. There may be a couple of spring-like days, but chances are high it may rain (or snow, we do live in Chicagoland) at least a few days.  If you have younger kids from new walkers to early grade school age, FunFlatables  in Gurnee is a perfect place to let them bounce, slide, climb and work up a sweat (you will too, so just pretend you’re at the beach).

Funflatables Gurnee
© C. Smith | Little Lake | 2017

My three young children and a couple of their friends (three, two-and-a-half year olds, and two almost-five year-olds) ventured to Gurnee Mills recently on a Monday afternoon. Located inside the mall near Burlington Coat Factory, we entered the mall at Entrance G (but Entrance J would’ve been closer). Parking was easy once this mama finally found the right entrance. Once inside the mall, we were near a somewhat quiet end, but it was chock full of many fun distractions for the little ones: a larger than life giraffe statue, the super-cool ice rink (which is sadly, closing), a small merry-go-round, and a gumball and candy machine area. We were also near the Marcus Cinemas mall entrance.

Once we convinced the kids that we were heading somewhere more fun than all of those things, we finally made it to FunFlatables. There is a counter when you walk in to purchase your day pass and socks if you forgot them (it was a 60 degree Monday in March, don’t judge). The space is small and manageable, with about four large, well-maintained inflatables, plus a small plastic climbing set with slides. It has a nice, clean area with tables for taking water or snack breaks. FunFlatables can accommodate birthday parties and other events as well. It was perfect for the ages of kids in our group, as well as a few slightly younger and older kids. While their website says fun for all ages, it definitely seemed best for younger children due to the size of the inflatables and the overall space.

Funflatables Gurnee
© C. Smith | Little Lake | 2017

After about 90 minutes of really intense bouncing, climbing and sliding, along with some water breaks, it was time to make our way home and past all of the earlier distractions. Plus, we had to get to the mall restroom, as FunFlatables does not have a restroom inside. The kids all had a blast, as evidenced by their sweaty, flushed cheeks, and it was relatively easy for the moms to keep an eye on our five very active kids. The only negative we encountered was that the play space was not completely gated off, so if you have a kid who likes to sneak off, take note.

Overall, the kids each gave FunFlatables two very enthusiastic thumbs up! And the moms did too. It was clean, fun, and a perfect way for our kids to burn off some energy in a safe environment. If you’re lucky enough to have a staycation in Lake County and are looking for an inexpensive and fun way to pass some time if (or rather, when) Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, FunFlatables is a great escape. If you want to make the most of it, you can use your FunFlatables pass all day long. So go ahead and bounce for a couple of hours, then catch a movie or eat some grub before another fun session. Happy bouncing!


  • Located in Gurnee Mills, near mall entrance J, between the food court and Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Open Play is each day during mall hours:
    Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.;
    Saturday,  10:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.; and
    Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • The entrance fee is $9 per day, per child, and a free wristband is available for patrons who want to return during the same day.
  • FunFlatables is fun for all ages, but best for younger children based on our experience.
  • There are no restrooms in the facility.
  • Don’t forget the socks! If you do forget them, they are available for purchase at front counter for $1.00 plus tax.

Check out the website for more details, specials and promotions.
Funflatables Gurnee

170 W. Grand Ave., Space 201, (inside Gurnee Mills) Gurnee | (847) 855-2550

Have you been to Funflatables? Tell us about your experience in the comments section.


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