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We often hear the mantra, “it takes a village to raise a child.”  But the reality is we no longer live in villages or tribes.  The modern-day suburban cul-de-sac can leave new moms feeling isolated and alone. Gone are the multi-generational extended households where a new mother can count on the help and support of numerous experienced women.  Aside from when we are children ourselves (with the occasional stint of teenage babysitting,) we rarely have the chance to observe or participate in infant care until we have an infant ourselves.

So it’s no surprise that the modern-day mom feels like she is up a creek with no paddle, particularly in the realm of breastfeeding.  Unless you’re a mom or about to be a mom, you probably never even gave the idea of breastfeeding much thought aside from the occasional blip of Olivia Wilde or Salma Hayak across your Facebook newsfeed.

Image from La Leche League International on Facebook
Image from La Leche League International on Facebook

That’s why for over 50 years, La Leche League International has sought to help mothers worldwide to establish and maintain their breastfeeding relationship with their children through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information and education.  At meetings nationwide, new moms have found a safe zone where they can learn from experienced moms, forge friendships, and find their “village.”

Photo Credit: Krista Schumow Photography for La Leche League of Central Lake County
Photo Credit: Krista Schumow Photography for La Leche League of Central Lake County

Locally, we’re lucky to have La Leche League of Central Lake County.  LLL of Central Lake County meets the third Wednesday of each month at the United Methodist Church in Lake Villa.  Any woman interested in breastfeeding, whether she is pregnant, currently nursing, or having difficulties is encouraged to attend a meeting which is always FREE.

Meetings are always led by a mom who’s been in the trenches and has undergone extensive training to be able to counsel new moms.  In the case of LLL of Central Lake County, local moms have the good fortune to have their meetings led by Amy Grant, who is herself an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Not only is Amy a professional, but she understands firsthand the difficulties new mothers face having struggled with breastfeeding her first child.  Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to lean on from someone who’s been there and other times you need expert resources and advice.  At LLL of Central Lake County, you can get it all in a caring, supportive environment.

Discussion topics range from the advantages of breastfeeding, adjusting to life with a new baby, overcoming difficulties, and nutrition and weaning.  If you have a particular question or concern, don’t be afraid to bring it up no matter what the topic at hand.

Photo Credit: Krista Schumow Photography

La Leche League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  There are a number of ways you can support your local chapter, LLL of Central Lake County.

  1. Purchase a $25 Annual Supporting Membership
    • While you can always attend meetings for FREE, membership entitles you to the Breastfeeding Today e-newsetter and discounts at the LLL International online store.
    • Your membership provides increased funding for your local chapter’s Lending Library
    • Help your local Leaders stay up to date on the latest breastfeeding information and research
  2. Make a Direct Tax-Deductible Donation
    • Checks can be made out to La Leche League of Central Lake County
    • Mail c/o Amy Grant, 2259 Masters Lane, Round Lake Beach, IL  60073
  3. Purchase fun, safe, and reusable glass straws from Strawsome!
    • When you make a purchase from Strawsome and enter code LLLCLC, La Leche League of Central Lake County receives 40% of your purchase!!!
Image from Strawsome on Facebook
Image from Strawsome on Facebook

In a few weeks, Little Lake County will be teaming up with one of our favorite local bakeries for one sweet fundraiser to put some yummies in your tummies, all while raising funds for La Leche League of Central Lake County.  Stay tuned for upcoming details….


La Leche League of Central Lake County

Visit and on connect on their local Facebook page.

Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am

United Methodist Church, 110 McKinley Avenue, Lake Villa
(parking available off of Sherwood; church is located south of Grand Ave. and west of Route 83)

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