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zealous goodI had my fourth and last baby in March. He is a boy after two girls which means that I have boxes of stuff to get rid of. As we pass through each phases and size I am almost gleefully going through my house purging everything and anything that I don’t find to be useful or needed. With four children, two adults and a cat the house is starting to feel really small. I am however not the garage sale type. I tried it this summer and the amount of work involved wasn’t worth it. For me I prefer to find a charity, preferably one that will come to me, and take the tax credit for all our unwanted or unneeded items. As we change seasons and sizes again I am on my purge and destroy (clutter) mission to get the house ready for the hibernation season (aka winter).

Zealous Good

We introduced you to Zealous Good last year and I wanted to remind you about them again, in case you are in fall cleaning mode as well. Zealous Good is a website that connects you (donors) with charities that are looking for what you have to get rid of. Started in 2011 Zealous Good has matched over 1,500 donations worth over $800,000 to Chicagoland charities.

Here is how it works:

  • You (the donor) log onto to Zealous Good and add information about the item or items that you have including a description, a picture, whether you want it picked up or can drop it off.
  •  Charities are notified about the item and if interested they can request the donation through the Zealous Good platform.
  • Donors (you) are notified of requests and can select the charity to which they’d like to donate.
  • The donor (you) is then connected to the selected charity to finalize the details of pick up and drop off.

Currently the top needed items are:

  • Gently used baby clothes or any baby items
  • Children/youth bicycles
  • Toys & board games
  • Car seats & strollers
  • New cribs
  • First aid kits
  • Youth sports equipment
  • Linens & towels
  • Kitchen items
  • Jewelry and clothing accessories

Current Lake County Charities using Zealous Good are:

I love the idea of knowing exactly where my donation is going and that it’s something that is needed and will be used. It’s much more rewarding then dropping it in a faceless box and hoping that it brings some good to someone and it’s a million times better than filling the landfills. So as you declutter and clean out closets this fall give Zealous Good a try!

Connect with Zealous Good:
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If you work with a charity that uses in kind donations signing up with Zealous Good is just as easy! Sign up today  and you could start receiving what you need tomorrow!

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