Passport to Flavor: Visit India and Nepal

Dining with Children

We’ve challenged your children to become global citizens without leaving Lake County by grabbing a Passport to Flavor and taking our Global Dine Around Challenge for Kids. Find all the whole series:

Our last stop (for now) is India and Nepal!

Indian and Nepalese Restaurants in Lake County

Try Curry Hut Restaurant, 410 Sheridan Rd. in Highwood.  Indian cuisine is redolent with spice and exotic flavors.  It’s a frequent choice for vegetarians although meat-eaters can find plenty to enjoy at Curry Hut.  Their lunch buffet is extremely affordable and a great introduction to the cuisine for children.

indian restaurants in lake county
Photo Source: Curry Hut on Facebook

Take the Challenge:

Try the vegetable samosa, a fried pastry stuffed with green peas, potatoes, and cilantro. Have the kids try dipping it in a sweet chutney or raita – a cooling yogurt and cucumber sauce that helps moderate spicy foods. Samosas are a fast favorite for kids and adult newbies to Indian cuisine. For a treat get them a Mango Lassi, a sweet, chilled yogurt drink with mango puree. Call it an “Indian Milkshake” and they may just spurn the boring American kind from now on.

Chaat and Sweets  by Amy Wilson Sanger

From Amazon: The 7th book in Tricycle’s World Snacks series introduces toddlers to Indian snack foods known as chaat. Scrumptious treats like bhel puri (rice puff salad), tandoori chicken, and sweet coconut cham-cham, look good enough to eat in Wilson Sanger’s gorgeous collage art, while her trademark bouncy text will please little ears. 

Before you go print out this coloring sheet to take with you and your children can learn about India while they wait for their food!

India Coloring Page

India Coloring Page

By Loralie

When Loralie isn’t out exploring with her two pint-sized adventurers you’ll often find her in front of her computer plotting to take over the world (or at least Lake County.) She appreciates good friends, good food, expensive shoes and parents who make two lanes in the drop-off/pick-up line at school. Her spirit animal is The Hobbit. She invites you to join her on her quest for unique distractions, diversions and deliciousness in this county we call home.

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Passport to Flavor: Visit India and Nepal

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