Goldfish Swim School Mundelein: Back-to-Pool Recap

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The back-to-school season doesn’t have to mean no-more-pool season, especially for those of us who live nearby Mundelein’s brand-new Goldfish Swim School!

Last Thursday, my four kiddos, ages three – 13, and I joined dozens of our Little Lake County friends at wonderfully fun, welcoming, and inviting Back-to Pool Swim Party at Goldfish, and as the party dwindled I asked my kids, “What was your favorite thing today?” to which they replied, “EVERYTHING!”


Honestly, that was the general consensus among all of the people with whom I spoke at the event: what wasn’t there to love?

Aside from the food and coloring, the party featured open swim in the Goldfish no-shiver, 90-degree pool, and pool deck, and the pool was outfitted with not only lifeguards in and out of the water, but also loads of fun pool toys including (but not limited to) a canoe and paddles.

Goldfish wall art

While the pool spans the depths of three feet to four-and-some feet, it features a sitting step all around the perimeter of the pool, so little or new swimmers can ease their way into the water. Another way-cool feature includes decks with an easy-grab bar that essentially act as islands throughout the pool, so beginning swimmers can catch a break or rest when trying to swim independently.

Of course, having three children eight and younger, none of whom are independent swimmers, I was a little wigged out about doing a free swim like this in a big pool with three of them and only one of me.

When I realized Goldfish offers life jackets to swimmers, it eased my mind quite a bit. What I found, though, was that it was super manageable, and dare I say, even enjoyable to be there solo with my three fish. In fact, the lifeguards and staff were so helpful I was able to let my two learning swimmers take off their life jackets and swim, just like they so badly desired because the lifeguards were willingly my other set of eyes and ears.


Curious, I asked a staff member if this was normal protocol for Family Swim Nights, and she said, yes, absolutely; the lifeguards are definitely there to assist parents in helping keep their kiddos safe as they enjoy a free swim! Family Swim Nights are included in swim lesson memberships, making swimming family swim at Goldfish affordable as well as enjoyable.

While my bigger fish definitely enjoyed tackling the water alone, my smallest fish love being in arms and playing on the in-water toys. Every time we turned around, we also saw the other small fish in the pool laughing and enjoying their swim time!


Other things to love:

  • extremely friendly and helpful staff
  • beautifully and thoughtfully decorated fun environment
  • blow-dryers for wet hair just outside of the changing room cabanas
  • a great, family friendly layout
  • a fun play area for kids who are finished swimming or waiting for siblings during classes

Goldfish Swim School – Mundelein
1531 South Lake Street, Mundelein, IL 60060

Special thanks to C3 Photography who took all the photos of the event. You can see more event photos on our Facebook Page.

by Hyacynth Worth
Hyacynth Worth is a wife to John and a mother to three boys and three girls. She writes about motherhood, healthy living, and faith. She is a local writer and the author of Homesteading with Hyacynth. She promises to be candid, amusing, and only slightly neurotic. Most of the time.

Disclosure: Complimentary swim lessons were provided by Goldfish Swim School in exchange for promotional consideration and event promotion.