Grayslake WOWS with Color Aloft Balloon Festival

Grayslake, IL

Last night we joined the Grayslake Area Chamber of Commerce at the First Annual Color Aloft Balloon Festival. Seemingly the whole village {and then some!} came out to celebrate last night with near-perfect weather. The festival had a village-wide block party feel with music, food, activities, and of course, the balloons. We were surprised to see crowds already staking out spots and enjoying the afternoon when we came to start setting up.

Color Aloft Balloon Festival

Color Aloft Balloon Festival

The inaugural festival was a massive hit with kids and adults alike as everyone the balloons get set up and enjoyed the festival. Little Lake County was thrilled to provide craft activities to over 300 children who were so patient and well behaved as they waited in a sometimes long line to craft with us.

ReMax Balloon takes off at Color Aloft Festival
ReMax Balloon takes off at Color Aloft Festival

The crowd clapped, cheered, oohed, and ahhed as the first balloon, the ReMax balloon, took off to begin the first part of the evening. The balloons displayed a “fox and hound” hunt where one balloon (the fox) takes off, and the other balloons (the hounds) chase off after it.  We learned that hot air balloons couldn’t steer, so they fly the way the winds take them, which last night was towards Antioch and Lake Villa.

Color Aloft Balloon Festival Grayslake

After watching the balloons take off, it was back to community fun as hundreds of kids and families hung out and played in Central Park while enjoying the music and fun. As the sunset, the balloons starting coming back for the highlight (at least for us!) the balloon glow!

As the balloons came back, they set up in the field and light up their propane flames. Spectators were allowed to get up close and personal to talk to the pilots and see the balloons. It was a great experience, and everyone around us delighted in seeing the balloons lit up and snapping pictures with them. We heard some of the balloons were even letting people into the baskets (though no flights were given!).

Color Aloft Balloon Glow

It was a great festival, and we can’t wait to watch it grow bigger and better next year! Be sure to follow the Grayslake Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook so you won’t miss out on this amazing event next year!

Editor’s note: there are no longer food vendors – pack a picnic!

Grayslake WOWS with Color Aloft Balloon Festival
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