Green Cleaning: Replenish {A Better Cleaner in a Smarter Bottle}

Many of us are looking for ways to clean up all the messes our kids make without leaving behind harmful chemicals or other environmental harms. I  had an opportunity to try a new type of multi-surface cleaner, Replenish.  I enjoy looking for new natural cleaners to test out and I’ve even made my own, so I was thrilled to try this product.

Replenish natural cleaner

About Replenish:
Replenish is a 99% plant -derived, non-toxic, pH neutral cleaning formula, so it’s non-irritating to human skin, surface-friendly, and planet-friendly.  A 3-ounce Replenish Concentrate Pod makes 3 bottles (50 oz.) of cleaner.
The Replenish bottle system is better for the environment because it is a reusable bottle system that is meant to be used again and again, but is also 100% recyclable if it needs to be tossed.

More product information can be found at the FAQ page at the Replenish website.

Product Assembly:
When I opened the box, I found an empty bottomless bottle and two pods containing the solution, Sun Lemon and Fresh Lavender.  Two of my favorite scents!  Bonus!

I read the simple instructions and gave it a whirl.  First,  I screwed in the pod into the base, and squeezed the solution to the fill line.  Next, I turned the bottle over to dispense the pod solution into the bottle and filled the bottle with water.   Lastly, I gave it a few shakes to mix.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  I didn’t spill, over squeeze, or over fill with water.  It was a cinch!

Timing couldn’t have been better for testing as I was unfortunate enough to catch the flu! I went spritzing and wiping down the kitchen, bathroom, and door knobs any surface that could still be harboring the evil germs!

Replenish natural cleaner

The spray nozzle delivered a fine, even mist that didn’t over saturate the surface.  I don’t like nozzles that have too much force or come out in streams.  This was perfect.  Then I noticed the Sun Lemon fragrance.  Yum!  It wasn’t overpowering or under scented.  It was the right amount of sunny lemons.  Fresh, clean, and springy.  I let the cleaner sit on the counter for a few minutes as I sprayed down the other surfaces.  I wiped the first counter and the cleaner did a good job at removing some sticky residue and I had to use some extra elbow grease for a few stubborn spots left over from the kids.  It wiped up nicely and left no residue after it dried.  The surfaces I tested this out on were:  Formica, stainless steal, brushed nickel, and porcelain.  The cleaner did a great job on all surfaces.

As I mentioned above, the pods allow you to make three solutions.  The nice thing about the pods are that you can change scents after the main bottle is empty, so you can go from Sun Lemon to Fresh Lavender. Also, you do not have to keep the pod attached to the bottle after you have made your solution.  You can remove it, place the cap back on and the bottle is a little lighter.  It will still stand upright.

-Users will find the instructions and assembly are easy to follow
-The two fragrances I tested were not overpowering and very pleasant
-You have the ability to switch scent
-The pod can be removed to make a full bottle more light weight

-I’m happy to report I do not have any dislikes!

Visit Replenish to find a store to buy a bottle.

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  1. Not gonna lie, area that needs most scrubbing is probably the bathroom, or the kitchen….. with a lil guy added to the fam this past year, it definately adds some mess to certain areas! LOL

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