Gifts that Give Back

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We have a big family, lots of friends, plus four kids, that means lots of presents. I appreciate (LOVE really) creative non-toy gifts for our family and children if a gift can benefit the greater community and help a charity even better! We’ve rounded up some great gift ideas available locally that make more than a great gift; they make an impact.

Gift that Give Back

Gifts for Mom (or other important women in your life)

Gifts for Kids

The Kindness Connection is more than another activity kit, it’s Volunteer projects delivered right to your door. Choose a kit that resonates with you or your child. Spend time creating together to benefit recipients at local and national charities. Projects are age-appropriate for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade. they also have a store in Northbrook Court where you can work on projects and volunteer time.

Gifts For the Family

Gifts For the Grandparents that Have Everything they need

You hear it from them all the time, “Oh we have everything we need!”. Help someone in need with these gifts, then have your kids make a handmade card to go with it.

Feed my Starving Children, aside from being a great way to volunteer with your children, you can also purchase gift items. These range in price from $10 to $500 and can provide meals, for a family, a child, or a village!

Gifts that Give Back
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