Gymnastics Gyms Round Up

If your children bounce off of the walls like mine do, enrolling them in gymnastics seems like a natural step. Most gymnastics gyms now offer birthday parties and open gym hours along with energy burning classes in both gymnastics and cheer leading.  We’ve rounded up gymnastics gyms in Lake County to help you decide which offers the best choices for your family.

gymnastics classes in lake county

American Eagles Gymnastics
701 Sunset Drive, Round Lake | (847) 201-1567
Children of all ages can find a class to meet their needs, ability level and goals at American Eagle Gymnastics.  The gym is clean, boasting updated equipment and a curriculum that is proven to develop skills from beginner to advanced levels.

Buffalo Grove Gymnastics Center
1362 Barclay Boulevard, Buffalo Grove | (847) 459-8842
This gym offers intentional classes developed at specific milestones to provide fun and stimulating experiences.  Their baby and preschool gym offers developmentally appropriate equipment in a separate space to ensure safety and a focused class time.

The Gymnastics Factory
888 E. Belvidere Road #202, Grayslake | (847) 223-1555
The Gymnastics Factory is known for their competitive teams and developing quality gymnasts.  Offering a range of classes from preschool through team level gymnastics, parkour/ninja training classes, martial arts and cheer, the owners are even open to local cheer groups coming to use the facility to safely learn and practice their skills.

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Gymnastics Spot
915 Tower Road, Mundelein | (847) 949-7768
If you are looking for a positive and fun environment, local parents boast about the program at The Gymnastics Spot.  With classes for all levels, children can attend for fun or to compete and are sure to enjoy their time doing it.

The Gymnastics Zone
820 Anita Avenue, Antioch | (847) 838-4775
With a class for any child, The Gymnastics Zone boasts instructors who strive to positively coach and encourage students to best develop their individual skills.  The gym has been recently expanded and offers quality instruction to children of all ages.

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Libertyville Gymnastics Academy
2610 Commerce Drive, Libertyville | (847) 816-6618
Learning proper skills is key to a safe gymnastics experience and at LGA, gymnasts are taught the best form and how to stretch to avoid injury.  The clean gym is welcoming and the classes are sure to advance your child’s skills. Read about Melissa’s experience with the classes.

Ultimate Gymnastics
1018 Tri State Parkway, Gurnee | (847) 856-8572
A clean, safe and fun gym that is always buzzing with activity is exactly what you will find at Ultimate Gymnastics.  The multitude of classes offered throughout the week affords countless opportunities for children of all ages to burn off some energy while learning skills in an incredible gym, they even have bounce houses that are a bit over the top!

gymnastics classes in lake county
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Did we miss your favorite gym?  Where do you take your kids for gymnastics classes in Lake County?



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