Halloween Candy Buy Back…{And Other Alternatives For All that Candy!}

Halloween isn’t even here yet and I can already feel the weight of a candy overload! Halloween parties, events, trick or treating, and leftover candy from your own bowl usually excite the children to no end. Unfortunately, these large amounts of candy usually overwhelm well meaning parents. In order to keep the sweet treats in moderation, you may need to find a new home for some of the goodies.

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Interested in donating? Here are some options to put your candy in someone else’s hands for a good cause:

Operation Gratitude: This organization sends up to 100,000 care packages filled with letters, snacks and entertainment items to soldiers deployed overseas, their children at home, veterans and first responders. Many local dentist and orthodontist offices take part in this organization’s efforts by buying back candy from kids who are willing to part with it. Here are some dental offices in this area that you can check out and donate your candy for a good cause:

Operation Grattitude Halloween Candy buyback

Dr. Ira G. Spiro, DDS
34 Oak Creek Plaza, Mundelein 60060
(847) 949-7305

Pediatric Dental Associates, PC and Partners In Oral Health
195 Arlington Hts., Rd. St.150, Buffalo Grove, 60089
(847) 537-7695
Email: lefeinstein@aol.com
Collection dates: November 1, 4th and 5th, 9am-5pm

Russell S. Pollina, D.D.S.
18 E. Dundee Rd. Bldg5, Barrington, 60056
(847) 382-1720
Email: grins4kids@ aol.com
Collection dates: November 4th and 5th, 4-6:30 pm

Dr. David Honey
915 N. Milwaukee Ave Ste B, Libertyville, 60048
(847) 362-9700
Email: smilesconfirm@yahoo.com
Collection dates: November 1st, 2-5pm and November 2nd, 8-12

Gentle Care Dentistry
34 Oak Creek Plaza, Mundelein, 60060
(847) 231-2423
Email: gentlecare@drcheskis.com
Collection dates: Friday, November 1-Friday, November 8th during regular business hours

Many of these offices have scheduled days and times where they “buy back” the candy from you. For more details, information, and hours of operation, we recommend calling the offices directly. You can find more information on the  Operation Gratitude website. For other locations of dental offices participating in this program outside of Lake County, click here and type in your location search information.


Operation Shoebox: Operation Shoebox is an organization founded to send support to the men and women putting their lives on the line for us overseas. This organization also sends care packages filled with things to boost the morale of these brave soldiers. Donations of all sorts are accepted and Halloween candy is on their list as well!
If you have leftover Halloween candy, they would love to take it off your hands. You can send it to them at the following address:

Operation Shoebox
8360 E. Highway 25
Belleview, FL 34420

You can feel good about donating to a great cause and putting the candy to better use! For more information on how to donate to Operation Shoebox, please see their website.


P.A.D.S of Lake County:

P.A.D.S of Lake County is a non profit organization that helps out in Lake County providing emergency shelter, housing and resources to families experiencing homelessness.

The office donating to P.A.D.S. of Lake County this year:

Prairie Orthodontics
6121 Washington Street Suite 204, Gurnee, 60031
847) 249-8800
Email: info@prairieortho.com
Collection dates: October 28th-November 2nd, Hours Vary, Call ahead


Looking for some creative ways to use the candy at home? Look no further. Here are some ideas to put it to good use in some creative and fun ways:

  1.  Freeze It: Freeze it in tightly wrapped freezer bags. Use it throughout the year in cookie dough, cake batter, and as part of an ice cream sundae bar when summer greets us again.
  2. Mix It: Add a few pieces into a healthy trail mix for snack time. Combine dried fruit, high fiber cereal, and a variety of nuts and seeds together in a snack bag. Add a few pieces of candy for a special sweet treat trail mix.
  3. Learn with It: What better way to learn about science than science experiments with candy? Check out Science 20′s Top 10 Scientific Uses For Leftover Halloween Candy for ways to have fun and enjoy your candy, while learning a lot about science! Or, use it to brush up on Math skills. It is always more fun to do addition or subtraction with small chocolates than anything else!
  4. Re-treat It: Save some for your children’s birthday party treat bags. Freeze it and take out to toss into a bag with some other non-candy goodies when party time arrives.Or, use it to fill a pinata and let all the kids enjoy the windfall.
  5.  Decorate It: Save it for your next holiday get together and use for edible crafts. Gingerbread houses, thanksgiving turkey cookies, and edible Easter basket crafts can always benefit from some tasty candy.
  6. Play It: Use the candy pieces instead of the regular ones in a board game.Use a game you already have, or create your own. Enjoy a game and some family time, with a sweet surprise afterwards!
  7. Craft It: use candy pieces to decorate a wooden frame, make a candy necklace or a fun craft of your choosing. Get creative with the candy…or the wrappers!
  8.  Gift It: Have your child make a care package for someone they know who is sick, or hurt. Have them make a card and send along a small wrapped bag of treats to really sweeten their day!
  9. Bring It: Package it up and bring it into the office. Put it in a little bowl and watch it disappear.
  10. Eat It: Let’s be honest. You know you want to. Snag your favorite pieces from your child’s bag. Unwrap. Eat. Enjoy.

These are ways you can still enjoy your Halloween candy in moderation, and maybe even start new traditions for your kids at Halloween by donating, recycling and just getting creative!

What do you do with your Halloween candy haul? Share it with us in the comments!

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