Hanrahan Park {Mundelein}

My son gets up at 5:00 a.m. everyday. By 8:00 a.m. it feels like mid-afternoon and we are itching to get out of the house. Unfortunately not much is open at that hour except Super Target and parks.  Today, we decided to go to Hanrahan Park {Mundelein} as it is one of our favorites.

Hanrahan Park

There are two separate playgrounds at Hanrahan Park. One for bigger kids and one for toddlers.  The toddler section has a dinosaur theme to it. so we call this the “Dinosaur park” at my house.  The toddler section has 3 slides that are better for apprehensive or younger children.  It also has a giant dinosaur head and tail to climb up to the play structure on.  Behind the playground there are 4 baby swings.    The sign in front of the toddler play area says that it is for kids aged 2-5 years old. However, my son is 2 years old and prefers the playground for the bigger kids. I guess it really depends on your individual child.

Hanrahan Park
Toddler Section at Hanrahan Park

The  playground for older kids at Hanrahan Park features 3 slides. One of them is an open twisty slide and the other two are closed tunnel slides. There are two sets of monkey bars and numerous poles, and ladders to climb up on. There is also a wiggly bridge to run across.  Behind the playground you can see a swing set with numerous regular swings.  This section is probably geared for kids 5-10.  However, there are  often a lot of kids in the 10-12 year old crowd here playing on it so it must be fun for them too.

Hanrahan Park
Big Kid Playground at Hanrahan Park

One of the most popular things at this park is the giant climbing tower. I have seen these a lot at parks lately, and I have no idea what they are called. Older kids LOVE THEM! But, they aren’t so great for toddlers.

Hanrahan Park
Climbing tower at Hanrahan park

Another thing that makes this park unique is what I call the “T-Swing”. I actually have no idea what it is officially called and have never seen them anywhere else.  It is basically a  pole shaped like the letter T with swings on either side.  Parents or other children can push one person on a swing and both swings will spin around the circle. This is a major perk to this park if you have older kids!

Hanrahan Park
What I call the “T” Swing!

The ground underneath the playgrounds is all woodchips. It kind of takes points away from the park in my opinion. I have heard that woodchips can overtime get moved to different areas making the ground not as padded. However, the Mundelein Park District does a pretty good job maintaining the wood chips. There is a small section of the park with a little bit of sand. I have found it hard to find parks that have any sand lately!  The sand box has two diggers.  They are pretty difficult for toddlers to use, so we often bring our own sand toys to this park.

Sand box at Hanrahan Park
Sand box at Hanrahan Park


One of the things I love about Hanrahan park is the paved fitness trail.  They recently re-paved the whole trail so it is smooth and not too bumpy to be pushing a stroller or riding a bike through.  The path is mostly shaded so you can easily take a baby for a walk on a hot summer day.  The path is a total of .375 miles all the way around so you can take that into consideration when working out. Hanrahan’s fitness path has some exercise equipment that you can use to supplement your work out there. Such as a sit up bench, pull up bars, and some circles to stand and balance on.

Fitness Trail at Hanrahan Park
Fitness Trail at Hanrahan Park

This park is on our weekly to-do list for this summer!

Hanrahan Park, Mundelein

Hanrahan Park
East Noel Drive, Mundelein

Amenities: Two large play structures, swings, climbing structure, “T”shaped swings, gazebo (rental available), basketball court, baseball field, soccer goals, tennis court, fitness trail, and parking.
Shade: There is a lot of shade on the fitness trail. The park is full sun.
Restrooms: None
Good For: all ages!

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