Happy Hour Heaven: Where to Go Out with the Girls in Lake County

Sometimes I just need to go out for food and drinks with my friends at a place that isn’t Chuck E. Cheese or McDonald’s. However, we always seem to go to the same place for a girls night out and order the same drinks every time. I have been wanting to branch out and try a new place for awhile now. Luckily for us there is no shortage of places to go around here for a girls night out. Whether you are a beer kind of gal or just simply love a margarita, I have rounded-up a list of many of the best places in the area to go for happy hour.

happy hourBliss Wine & Gifts
201 S. Main St., Wauconda | (847) 526-7133
If you like wine, beer, and shopping, then this is the place for you. Bliss Wine & Gifts is a cozy little shop that offers free beer tastings as well as wine by the glass for purchase. While you are drinking, you can browse the gift shop for presents. Bliss Wine also frequently has live music and feature a wide selection of microbrews. Bliss Wine & Gifts was previously featured in Little Lake County’s Wine and Canvas Night Round-up.

Photo Source: Chances Facebook Page
Photo Source Chances Facebook Page

Chances Bar and Video Gaming
455 Rt. 45, Lindenhurst | (224) 372-7493
Some of our writers described Chances as a “fun bar.”  With their game show nights, big screen TVs, painting parties, cocktails made of fresh squeezed juices, and video poker machines, this is a great place to try for your next girls night. Plus their drinks look delicious.

Crossroads of Ivanhoe
20915 W. Park Avenue (Rt. 176), Mundelein | (847) 949-9009
Chilly  summer night, but still want to sit outside? This is the place to go. They have a heated tent outside with tables, so you can still sit outside with a drink and stay toasty warm. This is one of my top places to go with my friends for that reason. I also love the volleyball court, bags games, and the party atmosphere on weekend nights.

Photo Source: Dave and Busters Facebook Page.
Photo Source Dave and Busters Facebook Page.

Dave & Busters
424 Hawthorn Center, Vernon Hills | (847) 549-2118

If you and your girlfriends are up for some games, Dave & Busters is without a doubt the place to go. Surprisingly, their drinks and food are delicious. I have been dying to try their glowing snow cone drink forever.  If you go from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. on weekdays, all well drinks are half price. I have scored Vodka Lemonades and Long Islands Iced Teas for as little as two dollars. You can save even more by going on a Wednesday, night when all games are half-price. You can still look to Dave & Busters as a indoor play place, too, and it is featured in Little Lake County’s MEGA List of Indoor Play Places.

© T.Rubel| Little Lake County.com | 2016
© T. Rubel | Little Lake County.com | 2016

Emil’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria, 604 N. Lake St, Mundelein | (847) 566-8879
Emil’s Tavern on Center, 161 Center St. Grayslake | 
(847) 543-8879
Emil’s is probably one of my most favorite locations for happy hour. I love their daily food and drink specials. Every month they also feature a specialty drink. One time I had a jalapeno margarita there! If you are feeling lucky, grab a group of gals and try your hand at Bingo for booze.  Bingo is FREE on Monday nights at the Mundelein location, and Tuesday nights at the Grayslake location. Emil’s is also featured in Little Lake County’s recent article, Where to Eat Outdoors in Lake County, and was also mentioned as a both a Little Lake County Fan Favorite for best cheeseburger and best pizza.

Hotel Indigo
450 N. Milwaukee Ave, Vernon Hills | (847) 918-1400
Pretend you are on vacation without the kids! You don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy the bar and restaurant at Hotel Indigo. Little Lake County Mom-in-Chief Melissa says their martini flights are wonderful.

Lindy’s Landing
115 Park St., Wauconda | (847) 526-9789
Offering food, music, and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating right on a lake, you can’t go wrong if you go to Lindy’s. Little Lake County writer Cheryl recommends trying a Mai Tai here. Little Lake County featured this family-owned business in a 2015 article, highlighting Lindy’s Landing’s 50th year as a Lake County establishment, and also recommends it as on of 10 Fun Things to Do in Lake County that Don’t Suck for Grown-Ups.

Photo source: Milwauky Trace Facebook Page
Photo Source Milwauky Trace Facebook Page

Milwauky Trace
603 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (847) 530-7172
Located in downtown Libertyville is Milwauky Trace. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is a loud crazy bar like much of the others in the area. Milwauky Trace is one of my favorites for sitting and talking with some friends as it has a different atmosphere. They have tons of tasty food as well as signature cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass.  The last time I visited, I had a drink called Dark & Stormy, and it was wonderful.

© T.Rubel| Little Lake County.com | 2015
© T. Rubel | Little Lake County.com | 2015

On The Border
535 N. Lakeview Pkwy, Vernon Hills | (224) 433-5450
While it is a chain restaurant, don’t skip it for that reason.  They have some of the best margaritas I have ever had. Last time, I ordered the watermelon margarita special for three dollars that had an over-sized slice of melon on the side. I love going to On the Border and sitting outside and munching on chips and salsa while listening to the music. It really makes me feel like I am on vacation in Mexico without any kids.

Photo Source : Park Street Restaurant Facebook page.
Photo Source Park Street Restaurant Facebook page.

Park Street
14 E. Park St., Mundelein | (847) 949-1900
Located in downtown Mundelein, this restaurant is super-cute.  Park Street serves both food and cocktails, but the best part is that on Wednesdays, they offer bottles of wine at half-price. As a side-note, for nights out WITH the family, on Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m. –  7:00 p.m., kids 12 years old and younger can help themselves to their very own kid-sized buffet, including beverages, for FREE. Limit two kids per purchase of an entree valued at $15.99 or more. Find out where kids can eat for free throughout Lake County in Little Lake County’s updated guide.

Photo Source : Rugans Facebook Page.
Photo Source  Rugans Facebook Page.

921 Toft Ave., Antioch | (847) 838-0011
This is one of the more popular bars for drinks in the area.  Our writer Jenna says that they have a “phenomenal martini selection,” her being  the Orange Dreamsicle. If you are celebrating a special event, or if you’d like a little privacy ,you are able to call ahead to reserve a table in the semi-private room. They also sometimes have live bands playing acoustic music, which is nice. Rugan’s was also featured in Little Lake County’s guide to Indie Eats: Antioch.

Strawberry Moon
204 S Main St, Wauconda | (847) 865-5151
This is a great bar to go to on a night when the weather is nice. They offer outdoor seating, so you can sit outside with a cocktail in hand. If the weather isn’t great, you can sit inside. They frequently have live music here as well. Strawberry Moon has a ton of signature cocktails. I would love to try their Chocolate Martini.

Cheers to finding new places for girls night out! Where will you be going? 


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