Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks

We all know that Valentine’s Day and chocolate go hand in hand, but if you are looking for a less sugary Valentine’s Day this year, we can help!

Valentine’s Day has somehow morphed into Halloween throughout the years, and the craving for a healthy snack amidst the candy can be overwhelming for concerned parents. Or, it might be that we want to save all of that chocolate for ourselves for after the kids have gone to bed. Either way, we need something healthy to balance it all out.

healthy valentines snacks

Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks

Fruit is an easy choice. With red fruits like strawberries, watermelon, raspberries and apples, we can stick to the color scheme of Valentines day and pass off some of these fresh snacks as a festive and fun alternative.

Heart shaped watermelon with orange arrows from Spoonful say “I love you” without all the extra, refined sugar.

This heart shaped fruit salad from Little Wonder Days is even easier, and so cute!

healthy valentines day snacks
Photo Credit Little Wonders’ Days Blog

I love these apples from Project Nursery. They are so simple, but really fun!

healthy valentines day ideas
Photo Source: Project Nursery

The fruit snacks are adorable, but we can’t let the fruit have all the fun! What about veggies? Check out these sweet cherry tomato hearts from Eye Candy.

healthy valentines snacks
Photo Source: Eye Candy

This little Veggie Valentine Garden Snack from School-Bites would be so fun for the kids and will help them get their veggies, while still feeling the Valentine’s Day love.

healthy valentines snacks

Craving something different than fruits and veggies? This snack looks delicious and easy to make. All you need is some cheese, crackers, pepperoni and a small heart shaped cookie cutter. Easy as can be, and tasty too! Thanks Daily Mom for the cute idea!

healthy valentines snacks
Photo Credit: Daily Mom

This smoothie would make a refreshing Valentines day treat any time of the day! Project Nursery makes it look extra special!

healthy valentines snacks
Photo Credit: Project Nursery

This yogurt parfait covers many healthy food groups, is perfect for the holiday, and looks delicious too. Do we have to only make this for Valentines Day? Daily Mom shows you how it’s done!

healthy valentines snacks
Photo Credit Daily Mom

Have you figured out all your snack ideas, but would love to celebrate at breakfast too? These puffy pancakes from Girl and Her Kitchen are perfect for starting the day out right!

Healthy Valentine's Day Snacks

I absolutely love these eggs in a basket from Reclaiming Provincial. Adults can eat these fun Valentines foods too, right?

healthy valentines snacks

Looking for some fun lunch ideas? These will help spread the love during the day at school!

These conversation heart sandwiches from Bent on Better Lunches are adorable, and add some fun to ordinary sandwiches. Whole wheat bread, lean protein and your choice of veggies and spreads can make a delicious, healthy valentine treat.

healthy valentines snacks
Photo Credit Bent On Better Lunches

Another sandwich idea would be these Be Still My Beating Heart Sandwiches from School-Bites.

healthy valentines snacks

These whole wheat pizzas are also great for lunch, and are a cute sandwich alternative:

The kids will hardly miss all of the sugary sweets after you make some of these delicious and fun snacks! It is possible to still enjoy the holiday, without all of the added refined sugar. Try out some of these adorable ideas and save the chocolate for another day!

What is your favorite healthy Valentine’s Day snack?

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