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My girls love dolls! They were never into baby dolls, per se, but all the rest they cannot get enough of. When I told them that we were getting a doll sent to us to play with, they were beyond excited! I explained that it was a different type of doll, but I had a feeling they would love it. Go! Go! Sports Dolls are the brilliant idea of Dream Big Toy Company founder Jodi Norgaard. While working with a girls’ running group, she became aware of the need  for a doll that conveyed not only a positive message to the girls, but also were age appropriate and proportionately appropriate. She wanted these dolls to help celebrate a healthy body image and lifestyle.  Her hope was that girls would dream big…and go for it!

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I loved Jodi’s mission, so when our Go! Go! Doll arrived, I might have been just as excited! Immediately upon delivery, the girls ripped the box open to try to be the first one to get a look at the doll.  My oldest squealed in delight as she pulled it out. The doll that was sent to us was a swimmer! Perfectly timed since my oldest just joined the swim team this year. Can we say instant connection? There are many other sports themed dolls available too. We had to take a look at the variety and with the dolls they make, any little dancer, gymnast, soccer player, runner and cheerleader would be happy as well.  Would you even believe they have a golfer, a tennis star, a runner, a volleyball player and a basketball enthusiast too? In one fell swoop, Go! Go! Sports Girls is showing our daughters everywhere that strong girls can do whatever they set their mind to.


The soft doll came with a little swim bag filled with goggles and a towel. It also came with a book that my little readers devoured in a flash. My youngest took the book again to read it a second time.  She seemed delighted with the story about Suzi and her adventures with swimming. My youngest daughter was attached to the doll for awhile after that. The book was intriguing and age appropriate, and it was fun for them to have a story to go along with the doll.


Along with this doll and book, the website includes some fun additions as well. With one click, your daughter can learn about healthy eating and fun exercise tips too! There is also a great parents’ resource on there to help parents encourage their daughters to get involved in sports. Everything about the company, the website, and the mission speaks volumes for what many of us hope for our girls. The dolls were fun, interesting and provided more than just a toy to my girls.

If I had one wish, it would be that the Dream Big Toys would come out with other versions of their dolls. I would love to see “Barbie” or “American Girl” type dolls, but with the same philosophy and appropriateness as the Go! Go! Sports Girls. I can see my girls loving those as well and wanting to collect all of them. Wait…maybe this wouldn’t be such a good idea!!

Kudos to the creators of a positive image doll for girls. Living in a world where girls are bombarded by pressures from every direction, it is nice to see a doll that focuses on achievement, perseverance, and healthy self-appreciation. Check it out for yourself  and see what they are all about!


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