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Sometimes pumpkins steal the show this time of year.

And I’ve gotta tell ya, that’s a shame because there’s another perfect-for-dessert fruit that grows abundantly in our area and deserves a little bit of center stage on the Thanksgiving table: apples.

gluten-free apple crisp

Sweet, delicious and ever-so-versatile and easy, the apple often only gets it play in pies, but it’s perfect in side dishes alongside squash, sweet potatoes and even in cold salads.

It’s also the main ingredient in our family’s favorite super-easy gluten free {but doesn’t taste like it} dessert — one that you can even make in the crockpot the night before.

So take those apple seconds you’ve still got in the fridge or grab some beauties from the store and say goodbye to the long ordeal that is homemade pie preparation in favor of this delicious, super-easy Crock Pot Apple Crisp.

Get the full recipe for Crock Pot Apple Crisp @Undercover Mother.


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