Homesteading with Hyacynth: I don’t just dream about chickens in my backyard #ArtforAdoption

Micah6-8 facebookcoverI don’t know about you, but I’m a dreamer.

And when I dream, I sometimes have a hard time reigning in those ideas and dreams to something, say, manageable. Our brave and fearless editor, Melissa, can attest to that!

Most of my friends here know me for dreaming up bid dreams about homesteading and having chickens roaming around freely in my backyard and food with out dyes. And, boy, am I passionate about getting back to the way great-grandma lived {plus the additions of dyers and dishwashers and all things awesome like that}

My big ideas extend beyond the backyard garden and food integrity, though. My family and I, in the midst of our own heartache of three babies going on to Heaven before we ever got to hold them, found our hearts being broken for the children who have no forever families of their own.

We found out about hosting an orphan through a simple Facebook post about New Horizons for Children, an organization that matches families with orphans from countries where children who are orphans often face bleak futures — many fall victim to sex trafficking, suicide or drug trafficking.

We decided to pursue hosting a child from Eastern Europe, and we actually welcomed that child into our home this past December for an entire month. As we got to know our host child, God began doing a work in our hearts — continuing to break our hearts for the atrocities that break His.

It was then, after much prayer and consideration of where God is leading our family, that we decided to pursue adopting our host child, bringing our host child into a forever family.

And it seemed like a big, overwhelming dream we were dreaming! This process is long. It’s arduous. And I’ve wondered often how any children ever get home to their forever families!

But we have faith in a God who’s able to do exceedingly more than what I can dream! We have rested in dreaming big because our God is so much bigger!

One of our big dreams wrapped inside this big dream is a little project that launched this morning, #ArtforAdoption.


#ArtforAdoption is a fundraiser dedicated to helping our family bring our host child home to her forever family and being a voice for the voiceless!

By simply joining the #ArtforAdoption group and being engaged, you not only will help change the course of one child’s life, but you will also help give a voice to the voiceless children who often have bleak futures that sadly and too often involve the horrors of sex trafficking and even suicide. You are becoming aware of the great need and possibly even helping others become aware.

Here’s our story about how a simple Facebook post shared by a friend made a big difference in our ready hearts!

Normally, I don’t start roping in my new friends to get into cahoots with me on my dreams right away … I let a little time pass beforehand, but I’ve got this dream that we could do something really big and beautiful here together during this next week, so I’ll be bold and presumptuous and just simply ask — would you join our #ArtforAdoption group? And then would you consider inviting people to come along with us on this ride? You can add people to the group on the upper right hand side of this page.

Even if they just want to get to know our story and peruse the art with no intention to bid? Because this is as much about story, as much about being a voice for the voiceless as it is about an auction and art.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for dreaming with us. Thanks for doing something beautiful. May your day be blessed, and may you be a blessing to someone who needs it!

To learn more about hosting a child who doesn’t have a family to call his or her own, please visit New Horizons For Children at

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