Independent Bookstores in Lake County

I have acclimated to almost everything in Lake County since moving from the city almost seven years ago. Sadly, one thing that I have not been able to find is a local (to me) independent bookstore. I asked around on Facebook and did some research, and it turns out there are very few in the Lake County area. Like a broken record, I will say over and over again that if we want local shops we need to support local shops. Start with these independent bookstores in Lake County.

Independent Bookstores in Lake County

Find a Independent Bookstore near you:


Lake Forest Book Store

662 N. Western Ave., Lake Forest | (847) 234-4420 | Facebook
This is the Independent Bookstore in Lake County and will come up over and over again in conversation. They host tons of events with authors and readings, and partner with local libraries as well.

Little Bean Coffee Company

395 Lake St., Antioch | (847) 395-2223 | Facebook
(Formerly Cafe Book) Part bookstore, part café, part boutique–there is a little bit of everything here. Becky loves it for kid-friendly dining.

The Book Bin

1151 Church St., Northbrook | (847) 498-4999 | Facebook
In business for 43 years, this store focuses on finding the perfect book for patrons and conducts personalized, out-of-print searches with a 90 percent success rate.

Barbara’s Bookstore

Inside Hawthorn Mall | (847) 549-7550
Barbara’s started in Chicago’s Old Town in 1963 and has stayed in business for over fifty years by finding unique locations and creating personal, full-service stores.

While not in Lake County these are some local independent bookstores that are worth the drive to visit:

The Book Stall
811 Elm St. Winnetka | (847) 446-8880 | Facebook
We have been here for author storytimes and it’s truly a great time with knowledgeable staff and lots of extras to make the event special.

Favorite Used Bookstores in Lake County

When I asked friends and our Facebook Fans for recommendations, several used bookstores came up over and over again. Check these out if you are a book lover or the parent of one!

Galaxy of Books

1704 Main St., Winthrop Harbor | (847) 872-3313 | Facebook
In addition to gently used and out of print books, they carry new comic books.

This Old Book

138 Center St., Grayslake | (847) 548-6951 | Facebook
A favorite for its friendly and helpful staff. They also carry new books of local authors.

So get out and read local! If we missed your favorite bookstore please share it with us!

Independent Bookstores in Lake County
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