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Where to go and what to eat in Lake County is the question everyone wants answered. With so many towns and so many establishments, there are a lot of choices. To make your dining decisions just a little bit easier, Little Lake County has compiled a ‘sampler platter’ of independently owned, family-friendly restaurants in select Lake County towns as suggestions for your own family dining experience.  We might even toss in a suggestion for a date night, too.  And feel free to recommend additions to our lists–we love reader suggestions.

This week we’re heading to Antioch.

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In most any town, one can find a variety of chain or fast food restaurants. But sometimes a unique and locally-owned dining experience, especially with the kids, is what’s on the agenda. Antioch has a great variety of eats for to both take the family and for a date night.

As an Antioch resident, this is where we eat locally most frequently. We have sampled each of these locales and have also asked for feedback from other frequent diners.

Image from 45 North on Facebook
Image from 45 North on Facebook

45 North
43441 N. Route 45 Antioch

Located on the outskirts of town, you cannot miss the big barn that houses a menu with some very unique features such as a bison burger and grilled cheese burger (a burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches!). On Sundays, diners can build their own mac and cheese as well as build their own Bloody Marys. This restaurant features “from-scratch” cooking using artisan cheese, seasonal produce and locally-sourced meats.

950 Hillside Dr, Antioch

Yes, this is the sister restaurant to the Anastasia’s in Waukegan. I don’t think this makes it a “chain” though. It’s well known for its pizza and banquet facilities, and the menu is huge. Starting with appetizers, you will find more than 27 different options to choose from.  It has outdoor and indoor seating and a bar. It’s also a great place to watch a game, with or without kids.

Ellie’s Deli
389 Lake Street, Antioch

This is a new sandwich shop in downtown Antioch. It definitely differs from Subway and Jimmy John’s. It offers a wide variety of specialty deli sandwiches that are carefully made, and is becoming known for its potato salad. They do not yet have a menu or website up, so you have to go inside to see their menu. A few favorites include: “The Southwest,” which has a great “kick” to it and “The Veggie” which is piled high with a mountain of fresh vegetables.

Image from David's Bistro on Facebook
Image from David’s Bistro on Facebook

David’s Bistro
883 Main Street Antioch

While this is more of a date night restaurant, I have taken my three-year-old here for a lunch date and it was great. The bread that is served immediately was very helpful to keep him happy. They have a few outdoor tables and the menu suits all palates, from pizza to steak. It is also not uncommon to get a table visit from chef David himself.  Check out their monthly cooking class. This restaurant is fun, delicious, entertaining and they are generous with the wine.

Oliverii North
384 Lake Street, Antioch

This is THE place in Antioch for classic Italian food. They also have great pizza. While it’s wonderful for a date night, I have gone with a group of moms and their littles for the generous and well-priced lunch options.

Las Vegas
914 Main Street, Antioch

“Vegas,” as it’s known to the locals has recently undergone some renovations, so if you have been there before, it’s worth a new look. It also has new hours, 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday. They are open for breakfast and lunch only. This is your classic family diner. We often bring out-of-town family with kids here. Their salads are large and their omelets are amazing.



Cafe Book – © B. Honaker | Little Lake | 2012

Cafe Book
395 Lake Street, Antioch

This cafe features coffee, books to browse, a small lunch menu, gelato, breakfast sandwiches and baked goods. I love the little corner nook filled with kids’ toys. My son and I will sit there together while we play Little People and share lunch, and sip our handcrafted drinks. Becky also loves Cafe Book, read her review.

The Latte Cafe
1185 Main Street, Antioch

The newest Antioch coffee house offers delicious coffee (ask them the story about where they get their coffee from), bakery goods and is now offering pulled pork sandwiches. This may become our go to spot for watching fireworks for the 4th of July. Perched on a grassy hill with a great view, they were open late for the fourth celebration, serving shakes, frappes, chips, sandwiches and other goodies. Holly gives you an in depth look in her review.

Other great options that are wonderful, but I probably would not bring the kids to:

Image from Johnny's Chophouse on Facebook
Image from Johnny’s Chophouse on Facebook

Johnny’s Chophouse
1500 Main Street

This is definitely a date night or special occasion restaurant, but they do accommodate children. This family-owned establishment has a variety of steaks and seafood including lobster tail, and offer wine specials throughout the week. The staff is warm and inviting. It lies just south of downtown Antioch on Illinois Route 83.

92 Toft Street, Antioch

While they do have a food menu with delicious options, this restaurant is known more for a stop after dinner or for a girls’ night out. They have a vast menu of martinis (ask for them to add chocolate to their banana martini!), craft beers and bourbons. Live music is also playing in the evening on weekends. Not for the kiddos at all.

Is your Antioch favorite on the list? Tell us about it in the comments!


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