Insiders Guide to Lunch in the Park {Libertyville}

Libertyville, IL

Lunch in the Park Libertyville has been a summer tradition in downtown Cook Park for over 25 years.

Picture the song “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago, only it’s Friday, in Libertyville. There are people laughing, people singing, and a man (or woman) selling ice cream! Each Friday in June through August from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Cook Park is filled with moms, dads, kids, grandparents, babysitters, pets, people on their lunch breaks, and loads of fun! Each week there is a different live band providing tunes and there are different food vendors selling lunch treats. From Egg Harbor and My Flavor It! Place to Pizzeria Deville, there’s a delicious option for all.

lunch in the park Libertyville
© C. Smith | Little Lake | 2018

Insiders Guide to Lunch in the Park

Here are a few tips for making your lunch in the park experience the best it can be:

  1. Bring Cash. Many vendors are set-up to take credit cards, however there are those that only take cash. Plus, last time we went, one of the vendor’s credit card machines was down. Don’t let technology (or lack thereof) affect your lunchtime enjoyment! This mama was scraping up her change to get a grilled cheese!
  2. Bring a blanket or camp chairs. Bench seating is few and far between at the park, so make sure you come prepared with the seating of your choice. You’ll even see some veteran lunchers with fancy get ups like at Ravinia! If you want a prime spot in front of the band, or if you’re in need of a shady spot, be sure to get there on the earlier side. However, people come and go, so chances are you can find a tree to sit under at any point.
  3. The Children’s Entertainment Tent is where it’s at.  If you have little ones, it’s highly likely that they’ll insist on getting a balloon animal, their face painted, or playing with bubbles. It’s hard to avoid with kids, so be sure to plan your time accordingly.

The 2019 event series will begin on June 21 and runs through August 9.

lunch in the park liberrtyville
© C. Smith | Little Lake | 2018

Have you been to Lunch in the Park? What’s your favorite part?

Insiders Guide to Lunch in the Park {Libertyville}

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  1. Thanks Cindy!! I was going to have a couple hours to kill with my daughter in that area before dropping her off with her dad. Now we have something fun to do!

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