International Games Day @Your Library {2016}

International Games Day @ Your Library is an opportunity to sit down with friends and family and spend time playing good, old-fashioned games like chess, board games, card games and trivia games. It can also mean playing tabletop role-playing games, online video games or even online social games like Pokémon Go. Since International Games Day @ Your Library is coming up, why not take the opportunity to visit a local library to see what games they have to offer? Most libraries have board games or card games you can play, and several local libraries are joining in on the International Games Day @ Your Library fun.

© J. Vincent | Little Lake | 2016 – Vernon Area Public Library
© J. Vincent | Little Lake | 2016 – Vernon Area Public Library

I grew up playing cards with my grandmother. She would deal and I would run to my mom to ask her to fan out the cards for me just like my grandma held hers. With cousins and friends, I played Candy Land and Life,  Sorry! and Trouble. But now that I’m on the parenting side of things, I’ve learned how difficult it is to teach kids how to play fairly and take turns and even to lose with grace, especially when you have two (or maybe more?) kids, and one is older than another. What I have found is that going to the library, selecting a game off of the shelf, sitting it a table and playing without the distractions of home definitely helps.

I recommend games like Uno or Candy Land as great starter games for families because young kids who might not be able to read or count can use the visual cues to play along. Also, playing on teams helps because then the kids get the benefit of playing on a team with an adult. This is an opportunity to teach them how to play in a we’re-in-this-together kind of way.

International Game Day Events

Round Lake Public Library
906 Hart Road, Round Lake | (847) 546-7060
12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Join in the fun of a day of gaming fun, from board games to video games.

Lake Bluff Public Library
123 East Scranton Avenue, Lake Bluff | (847) 234-2540
All Day
Stop in any time for gaming at the library. Traditional board games, decks of cards, and video games will be available all day.

Wauconda Area Library
801 N. Main Street, Wauconda  | (847) 526-6225
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
The Wauconda Area Library will have a variety of board games available or you might choose to compete in the Wii U Mario Kart Tournament.

International Games Day @ Your Library
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International Games [email protected] Library 
November 19th, 2016

What is your family’s favorite game to play at the library?


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