Introducing Kirby Kids: Kids. Doing. Good.

Since October 2015, Great Lakes Credit Union has partnered with Little Lake County to recognize extraordinary young people in our community through our original Kirby Kids program. 

Kirby Kids Great Lakes Credit Union

We asked you to share with us the stories of kids like 8-year old Camryn, who donated her bone marrow to save her younger brother’s life.

You told us about Lizzy, who was born with Eosinophilic Disorder and struggles with dyslexia, but finds strength in sports and volunteer work.

You inspired us with the story of 11-year old Felix who runs his own cookie business, Felix’s Famous Cookies, and donates his proceeds to charity.

felix in the kitchen
Felix, our June 2016 Kirby Kid

Our hearts have been touched by these stories.   These acts of kindness, great and small, are too often missing from our front pages and news feeds.  This is why Great Lakes Credit Union has decided to not only continue, but to expand the Kirby Kids: Kids. Doing. Good program!

This program will continue to recognize inspirational, courageous and exceptional young people living in Lake County, (ages 15 and under) who are making an impact in their communities and serving as role models.  We need your help to find these kids and to tell their stories.

Kirby Kangaroo with our December 2015 Kirby's Kid, 4-year old Kieran and his brothers
Kirby Kangaroo with our December 2015 Kirby Kid, 4-year old Kieran and his brothers

Each month we will select one child from reader nominations to be named one of Kirby Kids: Kids. Doing. Good.  Kirby Kangaroo is the friendly, money-savvy mascot of Great Lakes Credit Union!  He’s looking to reward kids for being outstanding examples.  Selected Kirby Kids: Kids. Doing. Good kid’s  will receive the following:

  • A profile sharing their story and mission on Little Little Lake County
  • Meet & Greet and photo opportunity with Kirby Kangaroo
  • Story and photos shared on the Little Lake County Facebook page
  • A Youth Savings Account from Great Lakes Credit Union with a starting balance of $100.

Simply fill out the nomination form below, or follow this link to complete a nomination form.  If your nominee is selected we will contact you and/or the child’s guardian for inclusion in the Kirby Kids: Kids. Doing. Good. program.

In 2017 Great Lakes Credit Union we also be the proud sponsor of the Little Lake County Gives Back program.  Each quarter, Little Lake County will put the spotlight on a local charity that serves women, children and families of Lake County.  Great Lakes Credit Union will partner with us in hosting charity events and fundraisers throughout the year along with special service projects for our readers and their families.  Subscribe to our e-newsletter so you never miss an announcement!

If you’d like to learn even more about the Kirby Kids: Kids. Doing. Good. program, visit our Kirby Kids: Kids.Doing.Good page  and take a look at our past winners.

Photo Source: Great Lakes Credit Union on Facebook

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Disclosure: Great Lakes Credit Union is the paid sponsor of the Kirby Kids: Kids. Doing. Good. program.




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