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Three words can change a young teenager’s life. They are, “You need braces.” Those three words can turn a normally cooperative, self-assured young person into a sobbing mess . . . Trust me. I’ve seen it happen.

tween beat

After weeks of whining about her prognosis, my tween decided to take matters into her own hands. She researched her options and decided which one she likes the best. Because did you know? Kids today have options! One of which is called “Invisalign.”

invaslign teen

Invisalign works the same way metal braces do: by applying pressure over time. The new generation of Invisalign clear braces for both adults and teens takes treatment capabilities to the highest level yet, making it possible for orthodontists to treat some of the most complex cases – previously only achieved with metal braces.

Most importantly, for me, there is now a product specifically developed for teen patients. Invisalign Teen was developed with leading orthodontists who understand the unique treatment and compliance needs of teens and their active lifestyles.

Invisalign Teen is a series of removable and virtually invisible aligners that gradually move teeth over time to help teens achieve a great smile and proper bite. It is a clear alternative to metal braces. According to our orthodontist, older teens get less likely to comply with orthodontic treatment. They become more self-conscious and have busier lifestyles. So, Invisalign Teen gives them options. The treatment is inconspicuous, making it easier for teens to “fit in” rather than call attention to their treatment. Other highlights include a replacement program for lost aligners, and that blue dot is seen in the picture above. That marker lets parents and care providers know if a teen has been wearing the aligner.

I can’t tell you how jealous I was to find this out. As someone who spent all four years of high school in braces, I would have loved the option of Invisalign. It’s yet another reason why I want to be a kid again!

For more information on Invaslign Teen or to find a provider near you please visit the Invaslign website.

Does your tween need braces? Have you looked into Invisalign?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Invisilign. I was given the information and images as well as compensated for my time to write this. I had already begun to look into dental treatment for my daughter when I was contacted by Invaslign and all opinions are my own.

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