Jim Gill – Music to Make You Move

Many parents I know are not fans of “kid music.” While yes, some of it is mind-numbing and ear piercing, there is a great deal of quality kids’ music that is fun and entertaining for both kids and parents. A bonus is that many of them are local artists, which means you can catch them at many of the summer kids’ concerts!

Jim Gill: Music to Make you Move

Jim Gill is one of those artists.

Jim Gill is not only a musician, author, and funny guy; he is also a child development specialist who speaks to educators as well as hosting literacy events. Mr. Gill’s performances are less kids’ concert and more of a jumping, stomping, rhyming, get up, and get silly event.

We were lucky enough to have Gill perform this year at our school, and the kids are still talking about it months later. Almost all of his songs are interactive and fun and (don’t tell the kids) educational. I had all three of my kids at the show (age range 12 months to 7 years), and all of them had fun and participated. Jim Gill doesn’t just sit up on stage and sing to the kids; he gets up and moves around with them and among them! Encouraging them all to sing, dance, and enjoy the music to their heart’s content.

Have you seen Jim Gill? What’s your favorite song?

Jim Gill - Music to Make You Move
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