Kids in the Kitchen with Girl and Her Kitchen: Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine's Day Treats

We had a fun weekend in the kitchen!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and fresh off a New Year’s resolution to eat less sugar, the month of chocolate is here.

Oh well. Anything for the children, right?

Valentine's Day TreatsMy kids and I always have a fun time creating Valentine’s Day treats and usually focus on chocolate-y treats to enjoy. This year, we decided to change it up a bit. They love Rice Krispie treats, but that is usually something I don’t make a lot because I love to bake, and as you know if you have ever made these, it is a no bake dessert.

Valentine's Day Treats

Although I tended to stray from those, I realized that this sort of dessert is a great way for my kids to be involved. The melting of the marshmallows is easy on the stove, and even easier in the microwave. The mixing is fun for any age, and the amount of “taste tests” they will grab of the gooey warm mixture, is simply immeasurable.

Pressing it into the pan, took a little practice, but my daughter did a fantastic job. We decided to glam these simple treats up for the holiday using a simple heart cookie cutter, some red candy melts and, of course, sprinkles.

Valentine's Day Treats

Wrapped and with a plastic treat bag and some festive ribbon, these were perfect for gifting, decorating, or just plain eating.

We did a lot of the eating.

This is an easy treat that you can make with your kids. Follow these simple directions and make some memories…and some sweet treats!

Heart Shaped Valentine Treats
*Recipe adapted from The Original Treats Recipe*

6 tblsp butter
20 oz mini marshmallows
12 cups Crispy Rice Cereal
Heart shaped cookie cutter
20 Lollipop sticks
2 – 3 cups candy melts, color of your choice

Line a 13×9 baking pan with wax paper. Melt butter in a medium saucepan on low heat. Add marshmallows and stir with a wooden spoon until melted, remove from heat.  Place crispy rice cereal in a large bowl and slowly pour marshmallow mixture on top, stirring with a wooden spoon until combined. Press into the 13×9 pan, making sure to pack firmly, but careful to not crush the cereal. Using the back of the wooden spoon, press down. Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out heart shapes and insert a lollipop stick into each one, squeezing the treat around the treat, careful not to lose its shape in the process.

Valentine's Day TreatsValentine's Day TreatsYou need to work through this process quickly as the cooler the mixture gets, the more difficult it will become to cut and put on a stick.

Melt candy in in a double boiler over a low heat until smooth and creamy (you may use a microwave safe bowl as well. Microwave for one minute, stir, then do increments of 30 seconds until melts are smooth). Be careful not to overcook! Dip side of treat in melts, sprinkle with candy sprinkles. Lay on wax paper to allow candy melts to harden. Store in a covered container for up  to three days, or freeze for up to a month.


Valentine's Day Treats

Looking for a fun and easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast? Try these Puffy Pancakes. They are so delicious, and dressed with berries and whipped cream, a perfect breakfast for the day meant to show love to those around you.

Still thinking about all the Valentine’s Day chocolate? This chocolate pudding is perfect to satisfy the kids and a decadent treat for the adults too, especially when garnished with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Check out Girl and Her Kitchen for more tasty treats, perfect for the holiday! Enjoy!

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