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When you are able to look through a cookbook that is entitled, Kids’ Treats: 50 Easy, Extra-Special Snacks to Make with Your Little Ones, you should pretty much assume that you very well might be spending a lot of time making treats…with your little ones. They will be extra special alright! Your kitchen will also be extra messy, but that’s not what matters right?

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This cookbook was a dream come true for my kids. Easy to follow instructions, bright, colorful pictures, and creative and fun names for every type of treat you can imagine! The author, Katie Wyllie, really managed to bring the book alive for kids and grown ups alike. My kids spent time reading it like one of their favorite books, folding several pages telling me what we were going to be making soon. I have to admit, I was addicted too while paging through it!

The book starts out with a very informative section on “Tips, Tricks and Techniques”. I loved this section most of all, because while I love to cook, decorating is so not my thing. I need as much help as I can get if I want to frost a cake that doesn’t look like a three year old did it. Wyllie lists her favorite kitchen tools in this secton (seriously they have a lot of stuff out there for decorating cookies and cakes) and gives you suggestions on where to find it. She also goes through each tool and tells you how to use it. This section also provides some great tips on decorating cakes but the best part for me comes when she shares what she calls “Basic Recipes”.

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These are these recipes that you need to keep somewhere that you can always find. These are the recipes that the pages will be stained because you have used them THAT many times. These are the recipes to use when you are saying, ” I just need a simple royal icing for these cookies!” but can only find super difficult ones online. (Yes that happened to me several  times!)

Wyllie shares a basic buttercream recipe, and my favorite, a cookie glaze icing recipe. She shows how these recipes can be incredibly versatile and why, if you have kids and like to make fun treats, these are important to have on hand. She also shares a basic chocolate cupcake recipe (yum!) and a sugar cookie recipe that seems very simple and fool proof.

After the “Tips, etc.” section, the book is divided into themes. Some of the recipes look a little more difficult, but she details the directions in a such a careful way, you feel inspired to try them! Some are recipes that you have to actually prepare and bake, but many are more of an assemble and decorate type of recipe using pre-made ingredients and icings.

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My kids really liked the “Under the Sea” treat section. What child wouldn’t dream of having Oreo turtles, crabs and frogs at an under the sea party? The Beachy Creamsicle cupcakes looked delicious to me, but I am a grown up so my kids said that their choices were much more exciting!

The “Spooky Bites” section was my personal favorite, boasting adorable marshmallow treats like candy corn and monster marshmallows. The kids loved the “Story Time Snacks” section as well. The idea of reading a book and having a snack to go with it that correlates to the story? Win-win. Our personal favorite from this section were the cat in the hat cookies.  Making those soon!

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Some other fun sections are picnic munchies and snowball fight treats, amongst others. All of the pictures are helpful and fun to look at, while the idea of making the treats is almost irresistible! The book ends with a helpful conversion chart and an index to help you to easily find your favorite recipe.

kids treats book
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I received this book in order to do a review, but if I saw this in the store, I would purchase it in a heartbeat! It is fun, creative, helpful and a book that you can really work together with your kids to enjoy some time together in the kitchen. You can tell that the author of this book had a lot of fun creating these treats, and knowing that she is a mom too, you are motivated to try these recipes with your own family. I highly recommend: “Kids’ Treats: 50 Easy, Extra-Special Snacks to Make with Your Little Ones
if you want to have as much fun as we did with this! If you would like to read more by Katie Wyllie, check out her blog Made to Be A Momma. 

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