KIND+ Healthy Breakfast for Busy Moms

I have a confession, as a busy working mom of four I have been known to forget to eat. Going hours without real food and then stuffing my face with junk food or whatever the kids left on their plates. When I was diagnosed with high cholesterol it was a wake-up call. My diet and eating habits needed to change.

Healthy Breakfast for Busy Moms

Breakfast was my biggest headache. Most mornings I got up very early to get in some (quiet) work time before the kids would wake up. I would fuel with copious amounts of coffee and forget to eat until the chaos of four kids breakfast, lunch making, and school drop-off descended on me. I generally grabbed two frozen waffles, smeared on some peanut butter, and ate in the car. Worse was I often hit a drive-thru after dropping kids off at school for a quick breakfast.

I was on the hunt for a quick meal replacement bar that I could have for breakfast and leave in the car for those times I was out and about and missed lunch. My needs were simple:

  • high in protein,
  • low in choesleterol,
  • EASY,
  • REAL Food, and
  • no high-fructose Corn Syrup.
healthy breakfast for busy moms
Photo Source: KIND Snacks Facebook Page

I’ve done the shakes and bars. I survived the SnackWells Fad. I wanted real food, real chocolate, that tasted good. Everyone on my Facebook list (because that’s where you research first right?) said KIND and one other bar that I refused to try because it looks likes astronaut food.

I started with the KIND Healthy Grain Bars (Healthy Grain Bars are what we passed out this summer at Playground Safariuntil I found the KIND+ and the Nut+Spices. I fell like I am letting you in on a super secret because these bars are SO GOOD. The salted caramel has actual huge chunks of real rock salt. It’s like eating candy bars for breakfast. Here’s the surprise part though–it keep me filled up and fueled ALL MORNING! I usually eat it in the car while driving to school (8ish) and I easily make it to lunch. I even work out without getting hungry!

healthy breakfast for busy moms
Photo Source: KIND Snacks

I even broke my drive-thru habit as I keep a box in the car for emergencies. It is the best “diet” bar I have ever eaten and has totally helped transformed my eating habits. Plus if I need to share it with my kids, I don’t worry about what I’m giving them!

KIND Bars can be found at your local grocery store or you can purchase them online. Transform your breakfast and see just how much more energy you can have in a day!

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Disclosure: KIND Snacks was the official snack partner of our Playground Safari. This post is part of the promotional exchange. No other compensation was received and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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