Kirby Says, “Keep Kids Entertained this Summer Without Breaking the Bank!”

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Image from Great Lakes Credit Union
Image from Great Lakes Credit Union

The school year is in the rearview mirror and the kids are home for the summer! Here are some clever ways to combine quality time while not breaking the bank!

From Living Well Spending Less
From Living Well Spending Less

A traditional vacation is not always in the cards. Between restaurants, hotels, and transportation, travel costs can add up fast especially when those costs are multiplied for a family. Check out these 25 Low Cost Ideas for Different “Staycations”from Living Well Spending Less on Kirby’s Family Fun Board.

From 101 Homeschool Ideas

Sometimes our kids need us to get down and play with them at their level. We need to let our hair down and just play with them – get them to laugh. Get silly! Check out these 8 Immature Games to Play That are Cheap from 101 Homeschool Ideas on Kirby’s Family Fun Board.

From Life As Mama
From Life As Mama

Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned fort? You know the ones we are talking about. Built with every cushion, pillow, tablecloth and sheet from mom’s closet that you could find! Children and grown-ups alike will enjoy the whimsy and joy of playing in one! So grab your cape and build a fort! Check out 10 Awesome Fort Ideas To Build With Your Kids from Life as Mama on Kirby’s Family Fun Board. 

From Moms & Munchkins

This is a great family fun activity that the whole family can participate in and capture a moment in time that your family can go back and look at later. You’ll need to set yourself a reminder to go back and look inside the time capsule in a few years.  Check out how to assemble a Time Capsule Together as a Family on Moms & Munchkins on Kirby’s Family Fun Board.

From Premeditated Leftovers
From Premeditated Leftovers

A photo scavenger hunt for kids is a great way to get the kids active and generate some excitement and creativity. A traditional scavenger hunt involves going from door to door collecting items from a list. A photo scavenger hunt is similar, except the items are not actually collected. They are photographed and saved. Once the entire list is collected, the photos are shown to the person managing the hunt. The team or person with the first full collection wins the hunt. To complete this game, children will need a camera or device that can shoot pics such as an iPod or cell phone. Check out how to create a Photo Scavenger Hunt from Premeditated Leftovers on Kirby’s Family Fun Board. 

Kirby says:

Summer can be fun and frugal at the same time! Follow me on Pinterest for more FREE Family Fun ideas!


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