Kirby’s Kids: Meet Kieran {December 2015}

Great Lakes Credit Union and Little Lake County are proud to bring you “Kirby’s Kids: Little Hands, Big Hearts.”  This program recognizes an extraordinary child each month and brings you their stories of determination, hope and goodwill.

Kirby's Kids

It is said that the best things come in small packages. This is especially true if you are talking about a little boy named Kieran.

Kieran appears on the outside to be just like any other 4-year-old boy. He loves mac ‘n’ cheese, enjoys playing soccer and loves to watch Paw Patrol on TV. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, but in the meantime, he enjoys Ninja Zone Training. Although he seems like most boys his age, he possesses some determination that many people don’t experience in their lifetime, let alone at four years old.

Kieran, Kirby's Kids December 2015
Kieran, Kirby’s Kids December 2015

Kieran has two older twin brothers and a pair of loving parents, but last summer, his family experienced something new and different. The family hosted a 14-year-old girl from Eastern Europe through an orphan hosting program. {Since we cannot use her real name online, we will refer to her as “E”}. E lived with the family for five amazing weeks, and during that time, she truly became a part of their family. During that time, Kieran and his two older brothers came to love E as their own sister. They became best buddies, and when the heartbreaking day came to send E home, they felt as if they were losing part of their family. Very soon after she left, the family began adoption proceedings. They knew that they were meant to be E’s forever home.

E’s 13-year-old sister, S, had been hosted by another family nearby, and Kieran’s family was not only trying to adopt E, but S as well! Since international adoption is a very long, expensive process, the family was so excited to see this through, but there were many obstacles to overcome. The three boys were eager to have their sisters come and live with them for good, and because of their age, they needed help understanding why that couldn’t happen immediately.

Kieran, Kirby's Kids December 2015
Kieran, Kirby’s Kids December 2015

With Kieran’s birthday coming up right after E went back to her home country, his parents asked him what sorts of presents he wanted. Every time he was asked, he replied that he didn’t want any actual presents, he just wanted his sisters to come home for good. After a lot of prodding for gift ideas, Kieran made a decision that left everyone in awe. He really didn’t want any presents. All he wanted was for people to donate to the fundraising efforts to bring E and S home for good. His parents struggled with his decision, worrying that when no one showed up with any presents that he would regret his decision. He was so adamant and sure of himself, though, that his parents finally agreed to it, and Kieran had zero regrets. He was not upset at all at the lack of presents, but instead excited about getting closer to being able to afford to bring his sisters home. Instead of collecting material things, Kieran raised several hundred dollars to bring his sisters home!

This effort kick-started his desire to fund raise for the cause. He is always brainstorming on how to raise more money, like selling his toys that he doesn’t want anymore, to finding spare change on the ground to toss in the “E and S Adoption Fund” jar, to organizing lemonade stands and bake sales. He is always working hard towards the effort, far surpassing the expectations that anyone would have for a 4-year-old boy!

Kieran, Kirby's Kids December 2015
Kieran, Kirby’s Kids December 2015

Kieran keeps trying to help out of pure love for the girls he came to know and love as his sisters and his desire to help them come home. Although he makes every effort, his obstacle is his age. He wants to do more, but being only four, the options are limited. He realizes this, but still tries his best. He wants his family to grow by two, and tells his parents that he will do whatever it takes! The joy his parents get in watching him do this is endless. They know that he is doing it out of pure, innocent love. He doesn’t fully understand the situation, but he understands that he wants his sisters to become part of the family, and that is all that matters to him!

Kieran, Kirby's Kids December 2015
Kieran, Kirby’s Kids December 2015

We can all learn something by watching the spirit and tenacity of Kieran. When asked about his efforts and how he does it all, he will tell you:

You can do it! You can do things even if you are little! And it is really fun!

Kieran might tell you that his hero is Spider Man, but in this situation, the only hero we see is Kieran himself. He is strong, determined and kind. He will help bring his sisters home and will know that he helped achieve that goal with the love he had for  his family.

Interested in learning more about Kieran’s family or helping them achieve their goal? Check out their Facebook page for more information about their journey. Donations can be made on their You Caring Page as well. Every single penny that is donated goes to the help bring E and S home. There is one little boy waiting very patiently for that dream to come true.

Each and every one of our Kirby’s Kids gets to meet Kirby the Kangaroo at their local Great Lakes Credit Union branch. Kirby met Kieran at his local Round Lake branch and opened up a savings account in his name with a $50 starting balance courtesy of Great Lakes Credit Union.

Kieran, Kirby's Kids December 2015
Kieran, Kirby’s Kids December 2015


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