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We live in a nearly 100 year old house with four kids and a cat. Our kitchen is the size of many new builds walk-in closets, which is to say it’s tiny. After preparing just one meal it’s destroyed and it must be cleaned up. Which means now, when it’s summer and the kids are home eating 35,736,837,900,289 times a day, it’s starting to feel like this is the permanent state:

hefty ultra strong

This summer as my oldest (11) is learning to cook more and more I am teaching him the art of “clean as you go” or rather, necessity in a small kitchen. The kitchen above was the scene today after everyone made lunch, and hadn’t cleaned up their breakfast dishes. Dirty dishes, garbage and containers of food products left everywhere, so basically the usual.

I reminded the kids that despite what The Rainbow Fairies may have them believe, there is no such thing as a kitchen fairy and it was time to clean up the mess or forfeit dinner.

hefty ultra strong

While kitchen cleaning fairies do not exist I do have a little kitchen helper. My Hefty Ultra Strong kitchen bags. Really, a garbage bag is the closest I have to a kitchen fairy and here is why.

That is an 11 year old boy changing that trash (above). Want to know how careful an 11 year old boy is? Yep, not much. Also, in order for him to get the full garbage bag into our larger can outside a bit of a swing and toss is required. Cheap, flimsy, bags will not do. The Hefty Ultra Strong bags have active tear resistant technology, so no ripping! He can drop, bounce, toss, and swing and the garbage stays right where it is supposed to be.

hefty ultra strong

Part of the clean my keep the kitchen clean system is making sure the refrigerator is frequently emptied. You would think that with four kids home eating 35,736,837,900,289 times a day that would not be a problem, you would be wrong. Leftovers and condiments have a way of migrating (hiding?) at the back of the refrigerator until they have developed a new identity.

We don’t fear those mutant leftover, they won’t smell up our kitchen. For one, we always empty the refrigerator on garbage day so it’s not sitting in the kitchen trash mutating again. The other reason? My little helper Hefty Ultra Strong helps by neutralizing the odors with Arm & Hammer. There are also scented options that make my kitchen smell clean, even when it’s not exactly clean.

hefty ultra strong

With the help of the kids and our Hefty Ultra Strong we can now tackle the next meal of the day in a clean and sparkling kitchen. Hopefully the kids will pass on their new skills to their dad!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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