Lambs Farm Plus Model Trains

Libertyville, IL

Editor’s note: Originally published in 2011, updated to reflect current dates.

If you have ever driven on Illinois 94 North, you have probably passed Lambs Farm a few times. Every time we would drive by my daughter would say “RED BARN!” and finally, after living in Lake County for a few months (and taking IL-94 multiple times a week because we didn’t know any better) we decided to check it out.

lambs farm, libertyville
© K. Yeager | Little Lake | 2011

Lambs Farm is a cute little place. The farmyard holds many animals, including cows, sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, bunnies, chickens, and ducks. Some are permanently behind fences, such as this BIG cow.

lambs farm, libertyville
© K. Yeager | Little Lake | 2011

Other areas allow you to get up close and personal with the animals. Brushes are included in the goat area for children to brush goats fur. These goats are NOT shy.

Lambs farm is not exclusively animals. There is a miniature train ride, a carousel, miniature golf, and bounce house.

lambs farm, libertyville
© K. Yeager | Little Lake | 2011

There is also a restaurant, country store and bakery, thrift store, and pet store. You do not need to purchase admission to the farmyard to visit these extras.

I am glad we finally gave in and checked out Lambs Farm. My daughter had a blast there. The only downside was tickets seemed a bit expensive for the amount of time we spent there. We got there around 3:30, and the farm closed at 5. I knew she would want to ride the train and carousel multiple times, so the full day admission paid for itself. Next time we go, we will arrive earlier to get more out of our money.

lambs farm model train day
Photo Source Lambs Farm

Okay, I bet you were wondering what the model trains have to do with a farm? Every spring the farm hosts a Model Train Weekend. The 2019 event will be April 27, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Valley Model Railroads will have trains set up for the kids to watch and help operate traffic controls. There will also be crafts and activities for all ages., some for a nominal fee. You do not need to purchase tickets for Lambs Farm to participate in the train activities, the crafts and activities for Train Days will take place in Magnolia Cafe, which there will be signs to guide you to the correct place.

Lambs Farm
14245 W. Rockland Rd., Libertyville, IL 60048
(847) 362-4636 | [email protected]
See the website for current hours and pricing information.
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Lambs Farm Plus Model Trains
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